Old Etonian who repeatedly misled the public during the Referendum gains high office under Sunak

Graham Charles Lear
6 min readNov 14, 2023


If the PM wanted to alienate 2019 voters even more, he could hardly have done better

In what can only be seen as his kamikaze moment, yesterday Rishi Sunak simultaneously elevated the former Prime Minister David Cameron to the peerage and gave him one of the four high offices of state — that of Foreign Secretary.

Not only was David Cameron the arch-europhile and de facto overall leader of the Remain campaign, he was also responsible for approving the most irresponsible and erroneous campaign of outright lies regarding the vote to leave the European Union.

I remind readers of the wholly misleading and false claims Cameron backed when Prime Minister.

Today, unelected by anyone, Cameron is Rishi Sunak’s Foreign Secretary.

Exit one strong Brexiteer, enter one extremist Remainer-Rejoiner

Yesterday, British Prime Minister the Rt Hon Rishi Sunak sacked the elected Brexiteer MP Suella Braverman as Home Secretary. Yes, I believe she wanted this, but this report is not about her.

As part of his reshuffle, the PM elevated several prominent Remainers and included within this group is the unelected David Cameron, the scourge of Leave voters everywhere. No longer an MP, the PM saw fit to elevate him to the peerage in order to make him the United Kingdom’s Foreign Secretary. As a new Member of the House of Lords, he will not even be subject to questioning in the House of Commons, at one of the most crucial times in geo-political history.


Cameronish-English Dictionary

During the pre-referendum period back in early 2016, Mr Cameron seemed to be inventing a new language on a daily basis. This language uses the same words as English, but readers should not get confused. It was new because the words have different meanings to those of widely-used and accepted English. Don’t worry. With ‘Lord’ Cameron as our new Foreign Secretary readers will soon get the hang of it again.

  • “Sovereignty” — The process of giving foreigners the right to make our laws.
  • “Safer” — A warm feeling, coined after Frau Merkel’s sudden decision to invite millions of people from the Middle East and Africa into the EU.
  • “Stronger” — What you feel when foreign governments take over the burden of all decision-making from you.
  • “Weaker” — The feeling when denied English breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner until you give up and sign a non-legally-binding agreement not to reform the EU in any meaningful way.
  • “Better off” — The result of paying billions each year to subsidise the lifestyles of the people of other countries, and paying over 10,000 unelected EU officials more than the UK Prime Minister earns.
  • “More secure” — The satisfaction of knowing that a portly Belgian policeman is monitoring groups of Islamist terrorists in a Brussels suburb. Also used in military terms to denote that an EU army of French and Italian soldiers is ready to stop Putin from expanding into Europe.
  • “Doing a Merkel” — Colloquial term for opening your country’s borders as wide as possible for mass immigration.
  • “Legally-binding” — A non-legally binding document attractively bound by a secretary in the EU Commission office.
  • “Irreversible” — A sophisticated form of joke: a cross between irredeemable and risible.
  • “International law decision” — Form of obfuscation with no basis in reality.
  • “Treaty” — [Also written as Treatee.] An incentive offered to a child, as in “If you’re a good boy you might get a little Treatee”.
  • “Manifesto commitment” — Vague and passing aspiration, whose words are not to be taken literally.
  • “Ever Closer Union” — Direction of travel of the EU27 countries, denoting those with a lack of global influence compared to the UK.
  • “Top table” — Table positioned at the back of the room, next to the toilets, obviously denoting the country with the most influence in the EU — where the UK was frequently positioned.
  • “Best of both worlds” — Expression normally preceded by “You can’t have the…”, but truncated for political reasons.
  • “Single Market” — EU’s tariff-free trade area set up for salespersons working for German white goods and arms manufacturers and French cheese and wine producers.
  • “Fundamental reform of the UK’s relationship with the EU” — Trade name for a form of porridge, much watered-down. More commonly known by the North-East Somerset term ‘thin gruel’.
  • “Acquis” — Collective noun for the totality of EU laws and directives, named after the prominent French founder of the EU, the Acquis de Sade.
  • “Leap in the dark” — Allegedly dangerous Leave manoeuvre. Named after Eton initiation rite which followed lights out in the dorm.
  • “A reformed EU” — Children’s fable. No longer in common usage.
  • “Child Benefit” — British international aid, predominantly given to Poland.
  • “Patriotic” — Having or expressing devotion to, and vigorous support for, the EU.
  • “Europe” — Region where British people take holidays, enjoy good relations, and from which expensive German cars and Mediterranean wines are bought.
  • “European Union” — Where failed British politicians take extended holiday jobs, accumulate very good pensions, and are driven around in expensive German limos whilst consuming fine Mediterranean wines.
  • “Go to the back of the queue” — A friendly promise to respect British queueing etiquette, first coined by a US President standing next to a grinning Mr Cameron on British soil.
  • “An IDS” — A politician earmarked for Inevitable Definite Sacking.
  • “European Arrest Warrant” — Legal procedure enabling accused British citizens to be sent to the wholly corruption-free countries in Eastern and Southern Europe.
  • “Border control” — A group of people employed for the purpose of welcoming people of unknown origin into the UK.
  • “To Gove” — Transitive verb, concatenation of ‘to go’ and ‘to leave’, previously known as ‘to stab in the back’.
  • “World leaders” — Other countries’ prime ministers and presidents, temporarily seconded the ‘Britain Stronger in Europe’ campaign.
  • “Business Leaders” — Directors earning over £500,000 p.a. whose companies employ at least 500 EU workers on minimum wage.
  • “CBI” — Acronym for ‘Confederation for Booming Immigration’. Corporate lobby group for Eastern European workers.
  • “Francois Hollande” — Honorary British patriot. (Awarded after a press conference in Calais with Mr Cameron, threatening ‘consequences’ for the British people if they voted Leave.)
  • “Stronger, Safer, Better Off” a phrase using English words originally meaning stronger, safer, and better off.

Advanced Section — Some Camacronyms

  • “CAP” — An expensive delicacy much consumed in France and in less industrialised EU countries.
  • “CFP” — Formerly known as the Common Fisheries Policy. One of many fisheries terms now rarely used in Cameronish. Still widely used in Spanish and French ports.
  • “ECJ” — Collection of non-jurists in Luxembourg specialising in rewriting of UK law.
  • “ECHR” — Special court for Arabic speakers. Popular with the British legal profession.

I hope the above helps readers to understand what he’s saying, the next time ‘Lord’ Cameron talks about the EU.

Finally, here is Lord David Frost this morning

“This reshuffle shows the Government has decided its direction of travel.

It’s back to the past: a world in which Brexit may have happened legally but not in the mindset of those who rule us”.

- Lord Frost, writing in the Daily Telegraph, 14 Nov 2023

At times such as these humour is sometimes the only answer

What can one say when a man who so deliberately and egregiously misled the entire country over the vote to Leave seven years ago and who then stood down as Prime Minister and as an MP, is suddenly elevated to the Lords and handed one of the most prestigious jobs in Government? It is almost beyond parody.

I must stress again that this is not party-political. However, I and many tens of thousands of readers fought a fierce fight against the outright lies of this man. For him to be back in Government, and in one of the four key offices of state, is nothing short of an outrage.

What next, will the PM bring back Theresa May as the new Defence Secretary?

Rishi Sunak has always claimed to have been a Brexiteer. Well, I never saw him on the campaign trail and I don’t know anyone who did. Now we all see his true colours.

Am I surprised by what has happened, I have to say I am not on Jul 11, 2022, I wrote this with the help of two Twitter members who were suspended from Twitter soon after.

They did the groundwork to put together the evidence of what Sunak had been up to to get the position of PM.

What is up above is the last part of the puzzle. It all makes sense now.



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