Sunak Has Been Planning This Coup For Months With Remain MPs And With Opposition Parties, Along With The European Movement Led By Adonis.

Graham Charles Lear
8 min readJul 11, 2022


Just what is going on in the UK at the moment?

Last February I wrote an article titled The man behind the plot to get rid of an elected British Prime Minister, you can click on the link to read what's in it further down this article.

Last week the main players in that article managed to bring down the elected PM who had won an 80 majority

I make no bones about this when I say that in 2024 whenever the General Election is called probably in November of that year, we are going to see Tory MPs losing seat after seat to Labour who will govern for the next five years with a very big majority far more than Boris gave to the conservatives party.

Now thanks to Paul @UKBeanzOnToast Paul


who is a Twitter follower of mine, who did the hard slog of putting it all together? We can see what has been going on behind the scenes.

This is a tale of subterfuge at the highest level, it will shock you, and make you question your sanity, and why you ever bother to vote when shadowy figures some British, some from other countries are working so hard to make sure your vote does not matter.

Just like another article of mine about Kier Starmer and the events in Durham, we have to follow all the evidence. Once we do that, it all falls into place and you can see the betrayal.

Firstly we need to cast back to when this all began. A series of work events that had alcohol took place. Photos were taken of some of them, with a famous one taken from the balcony outside an office Rishi Sunak works at 11 Downing Street.

Sunak had already started to make his move when he took it months earlier. A plan started to form and he began to build his coalition. Once this was achieved it started to move in earnest in late 2021 when the photo was leaked on December 18, 2021.

Additional signs came from the European Movement. A circular sent out on 13 Jan by Campaigns Strategy Adviser Mike Galsworthy claimed 1,000 new members had been ramped up since Christmas to rejoin the EU. What gave them the confidence to spend so heavily?

The European Movement receives EU funding through its parent organisation European Movement International for ‘research’. They are chaired by Andrew Adonis who famously sent the below tweet. The intention is clear — Brexit is the target and Boris is in the way.

As they were spending serious money ramping up to take down Boris Rishi Sunak was registering a leadership campaign website on Dec 21. Who built his website? Alex Wilks, a former Digital Manager of the European Movement, and anti-Brexit campaign manager.

We know Alex built the website because his fingerprints are within the website code in a folder structure used to store images for the site using the ‘Nation Builder software. He makes clear what the use that software is for on his Linkedin profile:

We have to thank Billy The Cat — ex-Tory voter @BillyNineLives for finding the Code. Its the last bit of the puzzle that brings it all together and shows what's going on

As Rishi backstabs Brexiters and Boris in his Machiavellian plan to be Prime Minister the European Movement work to undermine Brexit once Boris has been removed. How they do that is simple — Richard Lightman who attended one of their activist training events set it out:

So how do they connect every problem to Brexit in reality? Through a series of sock puppet organisations ostensibly independent, but in reality, with the same aim — decapitate Brexit’s leader and attack its impact.

Step in Best for Britain. Founded by people such as the European Movements Campaigns Strategy Adviser, Mike Galsworthy, this organisation has form in this kind of activity during the second referendum campaign headquartered out of the Millbank Tower.

Mike Galsworthy works to make every problem about Brexit through


and the Byline Times network. They are heavily involved at a local newspaper level across the country and work within Best for Britain to generate those stories.

Best for Britain chair the


That’s the front for a lot of the negative Brexit stories coming out. It’s a coalition of talking heads and economists working to turn every news story into an anti-Brexit, anti-Tory story. It doesn’t end there.

Other organisations founded by current and former directors of Best for Britain include the Food Foundation which put out anti-government stories about food poverty, defined very loosely to be anyone who has missed a single meal in a month due to financial reasons.

An additional vector is the ‘independent’ All-Party Parliamentary Group on Coronovirus Their communications are run by Best for Britain.

Another vector is the Resolution Foundation. They are behind a lot of the food banks in the country with their statistics on food poverty claiming it impacts millions. A reminder that their definition of food poverty is missing one meal a month for financial reasons.

The reason why this is so insidious is that their outputs are printed without scrutiny, question, or even the basic journalistic standards of reporting their influences. Here is an example from the ‘independent’ BBC:

The Resolution Foundation was founded by Clive Cowdery who until February 2021 is also a director of Best for Britain. Cowdry is also the owner & publisher of the very Brexit-critical magazine Prospect.

Cowdry is a member of the governing council of The Institute for New Economic Thinking, founded by George Soros, the man who funded the Remain campaign with millions of dollars

If you don’t know who he is, he is the man who ‘broke the Bank of Britain’ in 1992 through currency speculation. He has plenty of form in attacking Britain to make money.

The strikes are another possible attack point. We have seen two implicated people promoting the strikes. The Lib Dems are also heavily involved with former deputy leader Richard Kilpatrick and former campaigner Pablo O’Hanna being part of the core European Movement hires.

So now you know the context — watch what happens with the Lib Dems putting out a tweet that’s critical of the strikes and not ‘on message’.

Naomi Smith works for Best for Britain and immediately flags that it’s not been signed off by the wider campaign and isn’t on message for that campaign. Predictably the tweet is deleted.

If you want to grasp just how wide the vector of attack on this country that is coming from these people, here’s another angle: the Migrant Crisis. This organisation funds the legal challenges that stop the Rwanda flights.

And who is backing them with money? George Soros through the open society foundation.

It’s clear to me that there is a massive, multi-vectored attack on Brexit and the government going on. It also seems very likely that this is funded by a man who makes money when Britain fails.

My question is very simple — why is Rishi Sunak working with these figures to bring down Boris? How does this man who works in finance profit? And crucially how can we trust him with the leadership of the country?

The truth is we can't trust him, he is Billionaire, so he does not need the money, which means he is a snide, a Reamainer/Rejoiner who believes not in the UK but in the EU and he has been working in one of the top jobs in the Government. This means he has fooled every work friend and colleague, who dont have a clue who he has been colluding with to bring this nation down.

Trust me on this, if all the players in this subterfuge, had done this kind of thing in any other country, they would now be in jail on treason charges.

So our question is now you know what is going on, what are you going to do about it? Are you going to let in a Snide Remainer, now Rejoiner take us back into the EU, on far worse terms than when we left? OR are you going to fight this attack on both our freedom and our democracy?

Thanks to


and his outstanding work finding the connections, we now have a fighting chance to stop a Remainer from getting the top job.

Send this evidence to your MPs every one of them, go on every social media platform that you are on and show your followers, and make it plain to them that if a Rejoiner gets the top job you will do the unthinkable and withhold your vote at the next GE. WHY, would I say that when it would let in Labour? Well, our country would be shafted anyway if a Tory Rejoiner became PM, so why reward Tory MPs with running our country. It's time they realised backstabbing a Brexit PM has consequences.



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