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Wow, let me guess you are both a Rejoiner and a Labour supporter.

You mention that Brexit is a shit show, well if it is can you explain why UK Unemployment has continued to fall - and is now at 4.2 per cent, while in the EU it's continuing to rise and is now at over 7.2 per cent.

Can you explain if Brexit is a shit show why UK exports to South Korea have increased by over £620 million in the last year, paving the way for the UK to join the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP), hence enabling free trade without any of the political ambitions of the EU - or Freedom of Movement?

Can you explain if Brexit is a shit show why the United Kingdom this month began trade discussion with India? Unlike with previous negotiations India has said Freedom of Movement is not required for a deal, and they only wish to lower visa costs for skilled workers moving between the two countries.

Can you explain why

The amount raised from new company listings in the UK markets in 2021 was £13.9bn - almost three times 2020 and crucially more than three times higher than pre-pandemic 2019 - the last full year BEFORE the official Brexit.

New company listings in London's markets

Year and number of IPOs raised

2019: 35

2020: 38

2021: 108

A total of 53 companies debuted on the City's 'main market' of the London Stock Exchange, raising £11bn, against only 22 companies in 2020 and 25 in 2019. The remaining companies raised £2.9bn of capital on the junior market, AIM, with 55 companies in 2021, 16 in 2020 and 10 in 2019. Can you explain why this happened when Remain was telling everyone that the City was going hell if people like me voted to leave

Can you explain if Brexit is a shit show why The UK on its own raised almost half of all the FinTech investment in the whole of Europe? The UK was way out in front of the EU and a clear second in the World only to the US, with more than half of the top 20 deals and more total value than the top four EU countries combined. Whats FinTech? FinTech might sound technical, but in fact, 79% of us are now using FinTech products. $24.3bn of investment was raised for FinTech companies across the European continent, with the UK's $11.6bn representing nearly half (47.7%) of the total. Simply put, FinTech involves emerging industries that use technology to improve activities in financial services. Eight out of 10 of us now use FinTech products in our daily lives, according to research late last year from Plaid and the Harris Poll.Top five European FinTech investment countries

Countries involved and investment raised ($ USD)

UK : $11.6bn

Germany : $4.4bn

France : $2.3bn

Sweden : $1.7bn

Netherlands : $1.6bn

The UK raised 2.6 times the funding raised in Germany - our closest competitor.

Not bad for a shit show.

Let's take a look at what the IMF have to say about the shit show that you call Brexit. These are official facts, not the fantasy and fiction on social media.

This year and next, Brexit Britain is set to outperform the EU's top economies and that of the Eurozone as a whole, according to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in its latest official forecasts.

Twice each year the IMF publishes its "World Economic Outlook", showing forecast growth of the World's economies, amongst other measures.

These are the analysed numbers from the autumn edition and they show readers the positive findings for the United Kingdom.

IMF growth forecasts for the UK vs. the top five EU economies for this year (2021)

United Kingdom: 6.76%

France: 6.29%

Italy: 5.77%

Spain: 5.74%

The IMF's growth forecast for the UK tops the table

and is more than double that of Germany, the EU's biggest economy

What happened to Project Fear's apocalyptic forecasts if the British voted to leave the EU?

British voters were told in no uncertain terms by the then Chancellor George Osborne, the then Prime Minister David Cameron, HM Treasury, international organisations such as the IMF, and practically the entire UK 'Establishment' that the United Kingdom's economy would fall off the proverbial cliff if the people voted to leave the EU. I am afraid to tell you this, but you were all wrong but only the IMF has come forward and told you all that actually Brexit Britain is doing well, don't you smell a rat when the BBC or any of the others dont even mention it? They would be like flies over a turd if it was the other way around.

Now we come to the bus you mentioned, oh boy that bus must be the favourite of all, Remainers, yet you can't even get that right, it's actually quite embarrassing for Remainers. I will explain and you can quite easily check the numbers with both The Kings Fund | The Health Foundation.

Research vindicates £350m/week claim on side of Big Red Brexit Bus

We have now left the EU and spending figures show the NHS can expect to receive £415m more per week this year - thanks to Brexit! We all know how the big red Brexit bus became a focus of Remainer raspberries and ridicule. The fact the figure of £350m per week emblazoned on its side was regularly contested, not just during the referendum but at every opportunity for the next three years, showed just how much it riled EU fanatics. They went truly bonkers over it and now they are going to go even more bonkers over it.

The £350m a week figure was irrelevant - the message was about making our own spending priorities - and being able to deliver them.

The number was contestable because it represented the gross payment due by the UK to the EU of £18.9bn divided by 52 weeks, rather than the lower net figure of what - after abatements and EU spending - it actually cost.

How the figure was arrived at was, however, never the point. The intention was to demonstrate that the money we sent to the EU could be spent on other things and that it would be for the British people - by electing their governments - who would have the say.

The actions of the Remainer Establishment cost the country billions

The fight by opponents of Brexit to disrespect democracy by preventing us from leaving the EU dragged out our departure unnecessarily, costing the country billions and dividing the nation further. We only left officially on 31st January 2020 and we only ended the transition period with the Trade and Cooperation Agreement on 1st January 2021.

Through all of that period, Remainers supported the UK paying more money to the EU, be it our membership fees, the additional foreign aid commitments or any other funds going to Brussels - and of course backed the higher EU estimate of the 'divorce settlement' rather than that calculated by the UK's National Audit Office.

But what became of the funding to the NHS?

Firstly it was never a promise, the Vote Leave campaign was not a political party and could not make a promise on behalf of others. Yet for all that the post-referendum Conservative Governments have been conscious of the importance of the £350m a week figure and both Theresa May and Boris Johnson made commitments to spend that amount.

Well, now we are in spending the year 2021/22 - some five years from 2016/17 - and we can see what the outcome has been, and yay, the figure has not just been met but bettered!

Big Red Brexit Bus claim

Note: None of the following figures includes Covid spending - all of that has been stripped out. I have also allowed for inflation, so these figures represent real spending increases.

Red bus claim: £350m per week extra for NHS

The reality in 2021: £415m per week extra for NHS

Budgeted for 2024: 557m per week extra for NHS

Spending higher than was hoped - even after taking out Covid spending

In 2016/17 core funding of the NHS across the UK was 137.4bn. The 'target' of £350m a week would cost an additional £18.2bn a year, requiring the total spending budget to clear £155.6bn. The published figures for 2021/22 is £159bn - equivalent to an extra £415m per week.

It does not end there, for the UK Government has published its NHS spending up until 2024/25 and by then it will have risen to £166bn - meaning an increase of £557m a week more than before the referendum (allowing for inflation). The big red Brexit bus will forever be a part of the EU referendum folklore and political history. People will argue over the amount on the side of the bus and if it was a truly representative figure. If it were the net figure it would have been £180m a week - but that sum missed out all sorts of other add-on costs that the Remainers did not want to talk about - like the additional £1.3bn per annum given to EU foreign aid.

The truth is that the message was what mattered, not the number. The fact that people argued about the number only exposed the fact that we were sending millions a week to Brussels and brought it to more people's attention. This campaign tactic was intentional and it worked, the Remainers giving it more publicity than if they had simply kept shtum.

Now the figure has been exceeded we might hear less about it as the Remainers slink away defeated once again. Perhaps it's time though to shove it in their faces every time they have the audacity to show their heads above the parapet. 😁

Now and again Remainers/Rejoiners come up against a Leaver who can do a little research. This is one of those moments. By the way, Farage might be a hero to many people who voted leave, however, I would not touch him with a barge pole, I never wanted to be in the Common Market and voted nay way back in the 70s I travelled freely in what are now EU countries in the late sixties, met my future British wife who was at a French University before I came home and joined our military and for some gut-wrenching feeling I somehow knew that more and more powers would be turned over to a foreign entity. Which, is what happened in 1993. If only people would open their eyes as to what is going on in the EU right at this moment they would see how right we were to leave it when we did.



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