Words Like “Reciprocity”, “Proportionality” And “Solidarity” Can’t Hide The EU’s Hostility Towards Brexit Britain.

Graham Charles Lear
3 min readMar 29, 2021

Frau von der Leyen the chief liar in charge of the EU. Queen of all she surveys in incompetent land the EU

Faced with its own incompetence, under fire from all sides, the EU Commission lashes out

On Wednesday last week (24 Mar 2021), the EU Commission announced another of its “Implementing Regulations”, which was clearly targeted at Brexit Britain. The new Regulation, like its predecessors, has had no parliamentary scrutiny. These Regulations are diktats from the unelected Commissioners residing in the Berlaymont building in Brussels. In effect, these are laws made by unaccountable technocrats.

Export authorisations are to be refused by the Member States,” says the EU Commission, “to countries which have a large production capacity of their own, while those countries restrict their own exports to the Union, either by law or through contractual or other arrangements concluded with vaccine manufacturers established in their territory.”

“Member States should refuse export authorisations accordingly.”

  • EU Commission, 24 Mar 2021

Under fire for incompetence, the EU Commission lashes out

Those who purport to run ‘Europe’ from Brussels have come under increasing fire from member countries, furious at the disastrous progress on vaccinations since the Commission seized control of the whole process last summer.

This was the first time that the Brussels machine had extended its grip on the health sector to such a degree, and it used the COVID crisis to make the power grab.

With the EU machine ill-equipped, inexperienced, and institutionally slow, I saw this grab of power, by the Eurocrats as an accident waiting to happen and so it has proved.

Now Brussels is desperate to deflect blame as usual.

Last week the EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen commented on the new Regulation, saying:

“This is why the European Commission will introduce the principles of reciprocity and proportionality into the EU’s existing authorisation mechanism.”

The EU Commission defined one of its new terms as follows:

“Proportionality — are the conditions prevailing in the destination country better or worse than the EU’s, in particular its epidemiological situation, its vaccinationrate and its access to vaccines.

EU Commission, 24 Mar 2021

In other words, as the United Kingdom Government has done far better than the EU Commission in rolling out its vaccination programme, the UK’s performance must be brought down to the appallingly low level in the EU which exists under Frau von der Leyen’s management.

That Dutch factory

Readers may have seen stories about a Dutch factory that the EU suspected of supplying AstraZeneca vaccines to the United Kingdom. It was even visited by the EU’s Single Market Commissioner.

It may therefore be interesting to know that this Dutch factory was only approved on Friday (26 March 2021) to produce vaccines for the EU by the ‘European [EU — Ed.] Medicines Agency’. Before that, no vaccines produced there were authorised for EU use.

If this isn’t fake news, what is?

In her statement on Wednesday, Frau von der Leyen made an extraordinary claim. “The EU has an excellent portfolio of different vaccines and we have secured more than enough doses for the entire population.”

  • Ursula von der Leyen, official statement, 24 Mar 2021

If this were remotely true, why the need to raid factories using paramilitary police (finding nothing amiss) and then seek to impose vaccine export bans to the United Kingdom?

Here is another bit of fake news, in other words, a whopping big lie

The EU Commission claims that “the EU” has exported vaccines to 33 destinations. No, it didn’t. Pharmaceutical companies did, many of them using the core ingredients imported from factories based in the United Kingdom.

It might reasonably be asked whether the level of hypocrisy and misinformation coming out of Brussels is now resembling pandemic proportions.

[ Sources: European Medicines Agency | EU Commission ]



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