Graham Charles Lear
2 min readFeb 2, 2019


Proof that the Irish border problem is manufactured by EU Commission & Irish Government.

What the heads of Irish Customs said.

“We have absolutely no plans for anything along the Border at this stage”

“There would not be customs stops on the Border such as applied until 1992 [before the Good Friday Agreement] as described by the Deputy.”

No hard border required, say Irish Customs

No customs posts on the border

Customs to be handled electronically, as largely done at present, and this is now EU policy

Only 2% of goods are currently checked and this won’t change

Irish goods can continue to pass through the UK to continent using ‘common transit arrangement’

EU prevents negotiations or discussions taking place between the two sides who can solve the issue

Not only do the Irish Customs believe there effectively isn’t an Irish border problem, they confirm that the British and Irish customs organizations have been prevented by the EU Commission from meeting to agree with the new arrangements.

In other words, there are clear solutions to the border issues which both sides agree upon, which:-

Do not require a hard border

Do not require Northern Ireland to stay in a Customs Union with the EU

Do not require Mrs. May’s ‘Backstop’ in the Withdrawal Agreement

And which could be implemented if needed



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