Why are we putting up with these people?

Graham Charles Lear
7 min readMay 9, 2020

This is Duncan Selbie. He is the head of Public Health England. He is paid over £185,000 a year. The primary purpose of Public Health England is to protect us from infectious diseases. They have a budget of £4.5 billion a year. Yet, last year they only spend £87million of that budget on preparing for infectious diseases. The rest of it went on decreasing sugars in our food and nagging smokers to smoke less, as well as their fat salaries. Did he do his job?

This is Yvonne Doyle, it’s London Director’ who earns no less than £257,500. Her duties appear to include, among other things, advising parents to use a mobile telephone app to establish whether their kids are eating junk food or not. Now you know who it is advising the government to roll out mobile phone apps to trace the suspect COVID19 carriers in the community which is a gross invasion of privacy. You can often see Yvonne Doyle standing next to Government Ministers giving out her pearls of wisdom at the daily televised briefings.

This is NHS medical director Stephen Powis he also stands next to Government Ministers giving out his pearls of wisdom at the daily televised briefings. His salary each year is £220,000. we were assured by NHS medical director Stephen Powis on March 26 — that we would get to hundreds of thousands of tests a day… over the course of the next few weeks, the £4.5billion agency he works for has the lion’s share of responsibility for running the national testing programme.

Its been quite a shambles, and here is the reason why. It's been scandalous to discover that officials at Public Health England have repeatedly failed to take up multiple offers from some of the country’s leading scientific organisations willing to help expand the testing programme. One came from Oxford University’s Sir William Dunn School of Pathology, whose head, Professor Matthew Freeman, complained that repeated offers to provide specialised testing equipment and expert laboratory staff to PHE had been ignored.

His organisation has offered to supply 119 of the ‘PCR’ machines needed to identify genetic evidence of coronavirus but, so far, only one of them has been requisitioned. ‘When they sent round a request a couple of weeks ago to supply the PCR machines there was a very specific model they wanted,’ Prof Freeman told one newspaper.

‘Of our machines, there was only one of that type, and the army came and collected it and took it off to Milton Keynes. But we have another 118 machines that can broadly do the same job, but they don’t appear to be part of PHE’s plans.’

The Francis Crick Institute in London has supplied five PCR machines to Public Health England but is understood to have dozens more sitting idle inside its labs. The Queen’s Medical Centre in Nottingham is testing 200 samples a day but its director said yesterday ‘we could probably treble that’ if only someone bothered to ask.

Many medical experts blame PHE’s reluctance to accept help on a mixture of control freakery and incompetence among senior staff.

For example, whereas other countries weeks ago took the sensible decision to relax the rules on which laboratories can carry out coronavirus tests, in order to get as many as possible done, PHE chose to follow a tightly controlled approach.

Those people above are three of the top people advising our government on COVID 19

Then we have Professor Neil Ferguson he had to resign because of breaking the UK rules on lockdown. It's an absolute scandal what he has been up to, no not sneaking out for a spot of sex with his married left-wing girlfriend I could not care less about that scandal if you can call it a scandal these days. What I am on about is that Ferguson in all his time as a Government adviser has got nothing right and its cost the UK millions if not billions and up to this month May 2020 he had conned the UK government to use him again.

From where I am sitting it seems we are being led up the garden path by a bunch of deviant overpaid academics. The three mentioned above are not the only ones in the NHS quango earning a fortune there are an astonishing 242 members of PHE staff who now earn a six-figure pay package.

Here are a few of them

What about our local authorities how do they stack up

21 public health employees received a higher salary than the prime minister’s current salary of £154,908 in 2018–19.

Britain’s 10 top paid public health employees to earn an average of £242,650, with two individuals receiving over £250,000, including one individual receiving over £300,000.

UK local authorities directors of public health receiving over £150,000 have increased from 17 in 2017–18 to 22 in 2018–19, an increase of over 29 per cent.

Dr Adrian Mairs, the PHA’s acting director of Public Health, takes home an annual package of more than £310,000.

His total remuneration was £311,500 in 2018/19, which included a salary of more than £155,000 and an employer pension contribution of £154,000

However, what about our three heroes

Yvonne Doyle, we already know about what her intentions are, phone apps that's all we get of her for our money all £257,500 of it.

NHS medical director Stephen Powis what do we get or our money with him, all £220,000 of it a gigantic cockup in testing that's what we get with him.

So that just leaves their illustrious leader Duncan Selbie on his £187,500 salary what do we get out of him for our £187,500 a year? Well, I will tell you what we get out of him, in May 2018 he made headlines for lecturing at an NHS conference on the importance of exercise before claiming £5.90 on expenses to travel by taxi to a station less than a mile away. The lazy bastard could not walk a bloody mile to lecture about the importance of exercise which included walking as an exercise. He later came up with the excuse that he was in a rush, which is nonsense as it would have been quicker to walk quite briskly as he wants YOU to do to go the 1 mile especially in London.

But it gets worse with these people. Jennifer Margaret Harries OBE is the Deputy Chief Medical Officer for England since June 2019. We know her as Jenny when the Ministers introduce her, she is instantly recognisable with her glasses she lectures us all and answers insane questions from the likes of Peston from ITV.

She is on £142,500. She had previously been forced to admit that public health failings meant up to 270 women have had their lives cut short following a computer fault in her department that led thousands of women to miss vital breast cancer scans. Yet here she is still in her job yet 270 women have lost their lives due to the incompetency of her office.

Yet here they all are advising the government will without a shadow of a doubt get all the blame while these overpaid charlatans will go back to making many more cockups that will cost us all dearly in lives and money.

Are they worth the money they are all on? I will leave that thought in your head. As for me, I would sack the lot of them as they are no use to man or beast.

Since writing this article in May 2020 Public Health England was dissolved on 1 October 2021. It's now called UK Health Security Agency Duncan Selbie is no longer in charge. Jennifer Margaret Harries OBE is now its new chief executive. She assumed that role on 1 April 2021. Make of that what you will.



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