Who is really behind Activist Greta Thunberg’s rise to fame?

Graham Charles Lear
5 min readAug 23, 2019

Let's look at a few facts.

Less than a year ago, she was an unknown schoolgirl from Sweden. Greta also has Asperger’s syndrome, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and selective mutism. The latter, she says, ‘basically means I only speak when I think it’s necessary’.

Yet suddenly she is the face of Climate Change. Thunberg’s profile has only grown since. Her appearance at the UN climate conference in Poland propelled her to international fame. Most recently she was in Davos. Her message to the billionaires at the World Economic Summit was stark: ‘I want you to panic’ about climate change.

Question. How does a child suddenly get to speak at a UN climate conference

Furthermore, how does a child get to speak in front of the billionaires at the World Economic Summit?

There is only one way that this could have happened and that is if it was a carefully orchestrated public relations campaign? Orchestrated by activist adults because a young child does not have the ability to come up with these sort of ideas never mind actually carry them out.

Furthermore, doubts were first raised when the Swiss magazine Weltwoche published an article entitled ‘We’re making a climate icon. It revealed that Thunberg’s school strike had coincided neatly with the launch of a book about climate change written by her mother, Malena Ernman.

Is this a coincidence? It looks less like one when you learn from the same article that the first publicity of Thunberg’s protest came via the social media of the book’s PR man, Ingmar Rentzhog, on the day of its launch.

Rentzhog took a freelance photographer along to the school strike, later posting the pictures on his Facebook and video on his company’s YouTube channel. Meanwhile, Swedish journalist Henrik Alexandersson has claimed that Thunberg’s much-touted speech to the Katowice summit was actually delivered to an almost empty hall — perhaps unsurprising given that she was speaking near the end of the day.

Let's take a good look

Greta speaking at the Conference looks good, doesn't it?

Except it's not as it seems, let's take a look at these

She was speaking to very few people yet they made it look like she was speaking to a packed hall full of climate scientists.

Let's take a look at what Swedish journalist Henrik Alexandersson said about the speech as he was there

Climate-Greta must be the most cynical example of child labor of the year.

First, she and her climate strike are used to promote her mother’s new book. Then to launch a new climate-smart PR agency. Which is well documented.

Then she showed up at the climate summit in Poland. And kept talking — which gave me some headache. A speech worthy of a DDR pioneer, by the way. Then she leaves the stage. And that’s now it’s getting interesting.

After all, it’s not like you just walk into the climate summit with five minutes’ notice and give a speech. Such is planned and upgraded low in advance. So how did you manage to squeeze Climate-Greta, which at the time was only in the public’s knowledge for a week?

One thing that fascinates me is that people don’t seem to see what’s right under their noses. This is what it looks like — according to SVT Morgan’s own film — when Greta descends from the stage. Do you notice anything in the picture? He goes on to say.

There is no one there. Yes, and. So when did she “talk”? During the soundcheck? In the coffee break? During lunch?

Is Climate-Greta fake news?

Is this something that has been arranged by Sweden Television, to present Klimat-Greta’s speech to the uncles as something more and different than it really was? (Even though morning TV on Friday accidentally showed more of the raw tape than was intended?) Is everything a duck?

Statens Television, now also on your tax bill.


Take a look at the actual speech There are only three people sitting at the table. Then it cuts to a shot of around thirteen people on the front row clapping.

However, here's a good clip that puts the speech ito perspective

now she is crossing the Atlantic in a supposedly carbon-free boat except its not free of carbon as building the boat used a carbon footprint.

Then the boat has to be sailed back but our dear Greta won't be coming back on it, no our dear Greta and her papa and the crew will be flying back to Europe, with a crew of six flying from Europe to sail it back.

I can smell bullshit, just as I could smell the bullshit when Prince Harry and his bride flew out to lecture everyone about the evil of the carbon footprint we all leave behind then took four flights in private jets in just two weeks, just as a well-known actress to a long flight from the West coast of America to appear for a day at the London Extinction Rebellion and to lecturer everyone.




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