What bunch of idiots Remain are.

Graham Charles Lear
3 min readMar 25, 2019


I have seen more brainpower in a child's little finger than in the whole of the idiot Remain 200 thousand that marched in London on Saturday.


These Remain Numptys can't see what power we Brits hold over the EU

Let me show you what I mean

UK will be EU’s 2nd largest market after the USA, eclipsing China.

The UK is set to rival the USA as the EU’s largest export market in the World, eclipsing China. For the EU, based on its own 2018 figures, the UK’s market would have been 71% larger than that of China.

Last week, whilst the UK media was focused on politics, the EU’s official statistics agency released its latest trade figures. I now present its explosive headline analysis. And you don’t have to be a statistician to understand the importance of this. The EU continues to report as if the UK were not leaving

On Wednesday last week, the EU Commission published its international trade figures for 2018. Nowhere in the information released did the Commission’s statistics agency refer to Brexit.

The reality is that when you take out the UK from the EU’s 2018 figures, the conclusions drawn would be very different. The statistics agency were, of course, reporting on 2018, and so they were entirely correct in the data they presented.

However, last year this same agency started reporting ‘EU27’ data on many subjects, knowing that the UK was leaving and knowing that a large number of people worldwide would be starting to plan for an EU without the UK.

The EU hasn’t shown the impact of Brexit on the EU.

In 2018 the top export for the EU with the UK as a member was the USA with 20.8% 2nd was China with 10.7%

Now look who comes second if we had left the EU in 2018. Yes, good old Blighty suddenly overtakes China and exports 18.3% to the EU.

As you can see above, the UK market is vital to the EU27. It is almost as large as the USA and is far more important to the EU27 than China.

Trade deals?

It is worth bearing in mind that the EU, with its Trade Commissioner having no experience of trade, still does not have trade deals agreed and ratified with either the USA, China, Russia, or Japan, nor with many other key economies from around the world.

The UK will be an essential market for the EU27 from the moment the UK leaves. It will immediately become the 2nd largest export market in the World for the EU27.

As I said What bunch of idiots Remain are. These are the little things the idiot's miss because they follow like sheep anyone who tells them the UK has to be in the EU to thrive. With just a little bit of brainpower, they would see what a brilliant nation we can become again once we ditch the very people that are holding us back.

Sources EU official statistics agency Eurostat]



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