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Well said.

I would add that while the rest of Europe and the rest of the world has been hit by driver shortages, the UK is the only one that had an NHS app that pinged people if they came into contact with people with COVID which meant that they had to isolate, many of these people were lorry drivers and warehouse people.

It stands to reason that if these people are isolated for 14 days then there will be a shortage of things in the supermarkets because who else is going to first load them onto the lorries and for the lorries to get to the supermarkets.

I notice this story was written in October. This writer is either being very naive or it is political because the shortages were in the summer and they only lasted a month. Once the Government saw the disruption that App was making they cancelled it and things got back to normal.

It also came out that it was this App, they even had a word for it Pingdemic. It had nothing to do with Brexit, how could it be Brexit? One day all the supermarkets were being supplied the very next day the supplies to them stopped. I am afraid it does not happen like that if there is a supply chain crisis it happens over a few months first a couple dont get supplied, then a few more, then a few more. This happened overnight when hundreds of workers failed to turn up for work. Nothing to do with Brexit what so ever and I believe this writer knows it.

It reminds me of what else was being said in October, Christmas cancelled, no Turkeys, no Christmas trees, empty supermarket shelves, all Brexits fault of course. So Remainers and Remain Media were telling everyone.

Well, it's now January 3, 2022, and did those things happen? Nope Supermarkets were full of overflowing goods on every shelf, Everyone got a Turkey if they wanted one Fresh or Frozen, along with every other kind of meat their hearts desired.

Chrismas trees, my daughter went out and chopped down a fantastic one as did thousands of others where I live just as they did for the last ten years from a Christmas tree farm. DYS establishments were snide with them. I have my supermarket goods delivered, I hate crowds at Christmas, but this year I went out to see how crowded they were and what was on the shelves. full to the brim with staff bring in more and more.

On News Years Eve the newspapers and television news was full of news that importers would now have to fill in forms and there would be a big hold up in the ports and again supermarkets would be short of food. They forget that these Ports have Webcams that can be accessed and I went around a few and watched lorries from the EU coming in and driving out of the Ports with lorries driving on to them I have been on them since New Years day NOT ONE HOLD UP

The Remain lies have never stopped since 2016 and I dont expect them to stop now, they have had all those years to hone their lies.



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