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Well let's look at everything you have written, shall we?

We will start with empty supermarket shelves because of driver shortages and the blame game of its because of Brexit

True there were some, but NOT all empty supermarket shelves, where I live we experienced no empty shelves at all and I have the photos to prove it as I second-guessed the Remainers response to a few empty shelves and began going around taking photos of full shelves so I could prove when articles like this appeared they were at best nonsense.

What Remainers forgot and I include the BBC and a few more news outlets, is that at the time of the shortages in some areas that the UK was going through the COVID pandemic and the NHS had something called an app that pinged people that they had come into contact with someone who had COVID and that meant when someone was pinged they had to under the Governments laws concerning the COVID outbreak they had to stay at some for a number of days if you happened to be a lorry driver tough luck and tough luck for the consumers who shopped at supermarkets. Up until they bought that app out everything was OK and it took a few weeks for the penny to drop what a useless app it was because even if you were pinged it did not mean you had COVID it just meant you had been near someone who had it. As soon as the penny dropped everything went back to normal.

Now let's look at the shortages of Lorry drivers in the UK, it's true there is a shortage. Here the thing though so had Germany who had 45,000 short in 2018 whose transport bosses were predicting that that number was going to go up 25,000 each year since. Poland had the same as the UK 100,000 and in fact, the number in the EU as a whole was 400,000 now if you are going to blame Brexit for our shortage then Brexit must be to blame for all the EU's losses. Oh, and it was the same in the US they also are short of lorry drivers 80,000 over there same in Mexico, blimey this Brexit has a lot to blame for. It was and still is easy to find those numbers I suggest the next time you feel the need to blame Brexit you look up why things are going wrong, I can guarantee it won't be Brexit.

What about the fuel shortages, Brexit? Nope, it does not come close, there we no fuel shortages none at all the pumps ran dry because an idiot Remainer in charge of lorry transport decided to tell a few lies when he heard that an executive of BP was in a meeting with the Government and civil servants. She was asked if there was a problem with getting fuel to the stations, she told them there was a problem with a shortage of drivers due to the Pingdemic but they were coping quite well. This Remain idiot decided to tell everyone including the Remain BBC that there was a big problem, the next thing that happened was the public panicked and it let to empty petrol stations, a week later most of the country had got back to normal. Why that Remain idiot is still in a job and still walking the streets a free man is beyond my comprehension.

Let's look at the Christmas trees and that shortage shall we.

Well, we have just had Christmas and my daughter bought a magnificent Christmas tree from near to where she lived, she was able to chop it down herself just like she had done for the last ten years at a site that grows Christmas trees by their thousands for the home market and for export the DIY places were full of Christmas trees, no one went short so that's one more Remain lie nailed. I have to warn you I am quite good at nailing Remain lies my Medium writing is 80% nailing Remain lies.

There is also a fear that there won't be any turkeys for Christmas,

Well, again we have just had Christmas and guess what one more Remain lie nailed as the shops were full of turkeys not to mention everything else that goes with Christmas. That Brexit hey not turning out as Remianers thought it would is it.

Oh, by the way, the migrant workforce were not told to leave the country after Brexit kicked in. they left because they wanted to leave, no one forced them to leave all they had to do was fill in a bit of paperwork. Around 6 million EU people did what a wicked bunch of the Brexiteers are letting 6 million people stay in the UK.

The NHS is reportedly being forced to postpone appointments for cancer patients and other people with serious conditions as a result of the fuel crisis. I think we have covered that one as there was not a Brexit made fuel crisis. it was a Remainer fuel crisis as I have shown.

Christmas was not cancelled, in fact, we all had a jolly good time if you lived in England, not so much if you lived in Scotland or Wales where their idiot governments banned a few things, not because of Brexit mind but because of COVID and in England on New Year's Eve we all had a great time, not so the Scots or the Welsh who were ordered to stay at home and be miserable, In fact, many Scots came over the border and celebrated the New Year with the English as did the Welsh.

In fact, many SNP supporters are now looking at the SNP in different eyes and are being to see it for what it is. But hey that's another story.

Now I would like to leave you with the sunny uplands of Brexit

These are official facts, not the fantasy and fiction on social media.

This year and next, Brexit Britain is set to outperform the EU's top economies and that of the Eurozone as a whole, according to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in its latest official forecasts.

Twice each year the IMF publishes its "World Economic Outlook", showing forecast growth of the World's economies, amongst other measures.

These are the analysed numbers from the autumn edition and they show readers the positive findings for the United Kingdom.

IMF growth forecasts for the UK vs. the top five EU economies for this year (2021)

United Kingdom: 6.76%

France: 6.29%

Italy: 5.77%

Spain: 5.74%

Netherlands: 3.77%

Germany: 3.05%

EU27 average: 5.10%

Eurozone: 5.04%

The IMF's growth forecast for the UK tops the table

and is more than double that of Germany, the EU's biggest economy

What about next year (2022), what does the IMF forecast?

IMF growth forecasts for the UK vs. the EU27 and the Eurozone in 2022

United Kingdom: 5.01%

EU27: 4.44%

Eurozone: 4.35%

I will leave you with a bit of advice. Dont bother with the BBC or any other media platform for the truth do what I do go to the EU themselves and organisations outside the UK that way you will get to the truth of whats going on



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