UK’s Vaccination Rate Is Over Three Times Faster Than EU’s And Lead Is growing

Graham Charles Lear
4 min readMar 31, 2021

World-beating Brexit Britain started jabbing 16 weeks ago

16 weeks have passed since the first person in the world was given the Pfizer Covid-19 jab as part of a mass vaccination programme. At University Hospital Coventry, 90-year-old grandmother Margaret Keenan received her first dose on 08 Dec 2020 and duly went into the record books. Oh, and she is still alive. Just thought I would mention it.

Since then, 34 million British people have been vaccinated with at least one dose.

On Sunday the UK became the first major country to administer over 50 doses per 100 people

The UK continues to lead all major countries in its vaccination rate per 100 people. A new milestone was reached on Sunday (28 Mar 2021) when the number of vaccine doses administered per 100 people in the total population exceeded 50.

Meanwhile, EU countries still languish a long way behind Brexit Britain. Infection rates and deaths are rising in most parts of the bloc. Doctors in Paris are now threatening that hospitals will very soon be overloaded.

  • The UK Government funded vaccine research earlier than the EU
  • The UK placed orders for vaccines earlier than the EU
  • The UK’s medicines agency approved vaccines earlier than the EU’s agency did
  • The UK’s vaccination rate is higher than the US, the EU, China, and India
  • The UK’s vaccination rate is over three times faster than the rate for the EU27 countries

Vaccine doses administered per 100 people in the total population

  • The United Kingdom 50.3
  • European Union15.5

Deaths per million are plummeting in the UK, but rising in the EU

On Sunday the seven-day rolling average of Covid-related deaths per million in the United Kingdom fell below one (0.93). Meanwhile in the EU deaths per million continued to rise.

On Sunday the EU’s rate (5.74 per million) was over six times the rate in Brexit Britain.

And what about that world’s-first mass Covid vaccination in Coventry last year?

The first mass Covid vaccination programme in the world started in the United Kingdom, 16 weeks ago. Thousands were vaccinated on the same day as Margaret Keenan, and this daily programme has accelerated. Brexit Britain is still ahead of all major nations, including the USA, and is so far ahead of the EU that the Brussels machine has felt forced to call in raids on supplier plants of AstraZeneca and impose what amount to export bans. This is a blatant attempt at deflection, as I have reported previously.

While the Commission continues to make “Implementing Regulations” to ban exports to the UK in an attempt to cover up its inadequacies, we must continue to point out that without UK exports to the EU of the essential ingredients to make the Pfizer vaccine administered to Margaret Keenan in the UK and to millions of others in the EU27, production in the EU would grind to a virtual standstill.

If the EU had been beating the world, the BBC would be telling us all about it every day

In recent weeks we have repeatedly been told that the UK should not ‘crow’ about its success in vaccinating compared to the EU.

There is, however, an important point to be made here. We have all witnessed and have had to endure the EU’s propaganda about all manner of subjects on a daily basis. we have all if you are a leaver also suffered years of abuse from Remainers, and then from the (thankfully) ever-diminishing number of Remoaner-Rejoiners. The apparatchiks in Brussels are relentless with their stream of ‘information and ‘news, all of it designed to show the EU in the best possible light. I have been equally relentless in exposing the truth behind this attempted brainwashing, by researching and analysing the raw data and presenting the facts to the public.

There is nowhere for the EU to hide on this one

When it comes to the biggest crisis in the world right now — the Covid pandemic — there really is nowhere for the EU to hide. This issue (rightly or wrongly, some would argue) continues to dominate the world’s news agenda. And the EU’s performance continues to be — frankly — dismal. The simple fact is that if the UK had accepted the EU’s request to use its agency for vaccines approvals, and had agreed to participate in the EU’s vaccine purchasing system, the UK would now be languishing in full lockdown hell. It is important to point out that Remoaner-Rejoiners were clear that if Brexit Britain ‘went it alone, it would be a disaster for the country. The exact opposite has been proved to be the case. Never has there been a clearer demonstration of the inadvisability of handing over a country’s sovereign power to a group of unelected bureaucrats located in the tiny country of Belgium.

Some aspects of the benefits of Brexit can be debated. Not this one. The facts speak for themselves.

Myth Busters

Fact or Fiction

It’s important to be informed about the COVID-19 vaccine, but there is lots of misinformation out there about the COVID-19 vaccine. Make sure your facts come from a reliable source.

Sources you can trust include:

Public Health Agency:

[ Sources: Our World in Data |EU Commission| public health Northern Ireland]



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