Trump V St Obama

Graham Charles Lear
13 min readJan 26, 2018

A look at what Trump has achieved in just one year and how Obama is not the man we ALL think he is

Most of the world don’t get what Trump is doing. To be quite honest when you look what he has achieved not only for America but for the world in general its quite outstanding.

First you have to cut away all the hype that is going on and not look at all the Tweets he sends out although quite a few of them are on the ball, and not listen to all to what friends are saying. If you can do that and look objectively at what he has actually achieved then you will see quite a different Trump.

Let’s look at some of the things that Trump and his administration has been quietly doing over the last year that you all might not know about.

Let’s look first at Syria. He enforced President Barack Obama’s red line against Syria’s use of chemical weapons. When the regime of Bashar Assad used a toxic nerve agent on innocent men, women and children, Trump didn’t wring his hands. He acted quickly and decisively, restoring America’s credibility on the world stage that Obama had squandered.

Much has been said about his relationship if any, he had with Russia. However how many of you know that he took a very tough stance with Russia over the Ukraine? Not many I bet. He sent American troops to the Polish/Russian border, he then authorised a $47 million arms package for Ukraine, he then put sanctions on Russia for violating the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty. None of the main stream media like the BBC even mentioned any of that and neither did the news outlets in his own country’

Four Presidents before him tried to get countries in NATO to pay the full 2% of what they should be paying all four presidents failed. In just one year Trump not only told them to pay up he actually got them to pay up. Not the full amount to be fair but 12 billion that they coughed up is a start. And that is good for all our security.

Much has been said about him recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. So for a moment let’s look at that. Again four presidents before him wanted to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. All four promised to actually do that. None did Trump came along and like those four again promised. However unlike those four he actually kept that promise much to the shock of the UN. Even his arch enemy Jeb Bush tweeted that Trump had actually done the right thing.

Let’s look at ISIS, one of the most deadly organisations to ever walk this earth. There is not a country that has not seen some of their deadly work close at hand. St Obama, I call him St Obama because no one can see through his charm to what he actually was, put constraints on the US military that held them back from defeating ISIS. What did Trump do? He pulled those constraints away. Result? ISIS was kicked from every stronghold they commanded in just a few short months. No one hears much about ISIS anymore do they. When Slick Willy St Obama was in charge they were in the news night and day with all the atrocity’s they were doing to people and cultures.

However for me one of his biggest achievements is North Korea. Clinton, Bush, St Obama not only appeased Kim Jong-un but one even sold him weapon components that could destroy the world. That deal was done by the wife of the then President Clinton who everyone in the world wanted to be the next President after St Obama. She was still at it when she was St Obama’s lap dancer. God knows what she would have done if the American people had not seen sense and elected Trump because soon after Kim wrong un started to throw missile after missile over Japan testing his capability to hit first Americas Pacific islands and then to hit the American mainland all done with the help of a would be American President. Trump did not shy away from the challenge he hit the challenge head on MY country comes first he seemed to say YOU will not destroy it I will destroy YOU first.

Everyone was appalled, He is going to start World War 3 they all screamed. The HE being Trump. Well excuse me but was it not actually Hilary Clinton and Kim Wrong Un who are more culpably responsible if World War 3 kicked off?

If anyone has seen the new Churchill film or even knows a little about World war 2 knows what happens when you appease a mad man and what happens when a strong responsible leader says enough is enough.

What actually happened though was that the actual people pulling Kim Wrong Uns strings, those people being the Chinese who have used North Korea to hit the US without actually being seen to be involved got the shock of their lives.

For decades China have been using that country, and countless Presidents of the US have let them since the 1950s not knowing how to handle the situation.

Along comes Trump and without hesitation says guess what fellers, you are not talking to the Kennedy’s Johnston’s. Carters, Clinton’s the Bushes the Obama’s of this world, you are now talking to me and I am willing at the drop of a hat pin not to appease you but to wipe you out if you threaten my country.

Can you imagine the panic in both China and North Korea after decades of past Presidents appeasing them. This was not supposed to happen. No wonder the Chinese President jumped on the next flight out of Beijing to play a round of gold with Trump. I would love to know what was said between them between holes.

THE result though is remarkable. For the first time since the 1950s both North and South Korea are now sitting down opposite each other and talking and the world is a much safer place for that.

However there are a few more items we have not heard about what Trump has done in his one year of being president.

Trump has taken a clear, strong stand against the narco-dictatorship in Venezuela. The same narco-dictatorship in Venezuela that Despicable Corbyn and his merry bunch of Marxists seem to love.

Trump renamed the “Asia-Pacific” the “Indo-Pacific” to include India in the larger task of preventing Chinese hegemony in Asia.

Trump withdrew from the Paris climate agreement. After George W. Bush pulled out of the disastrous Kyoto treaty, U.S. emissions went down faster than much of Europe. The same will be true for Trump’s departure from the Paris accord. Combined with his approval of the Keystone XL pipeline, and opening the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to exploration, Trump is helping usher in a new age of American energy development.

And what is also true which people forget is the fact that all this Warmegedinist talk that has made billions for certain people is all on the back of just 0.1 increase in the earth’s temperature over wait for it people the last five decades in a world that is actually still in a warming period. AND there is now very good evidence that our planet is beginning to go into a cooling period which to be quite honest will be more catastrophic for mankind. After all can anyone tell me how we are going to grow crops under Ice and snow. Try it this winter plant a few seeds and see if they grow.

A certain man a billionaire who breaks countries financially said something quite interesting yesterday. He sniffed and said Trump will be gone in 2020. George Soros has been hit very hard by what Trump has been doing. He had the last president firmly in his pocket. Not this one, He hates what Trump is doing and to be quite honest if its hurting George Soros the man who has so many world leaders in his pocket who wants to shut down Facebook and Twitter that we the little people mostly use then its OK by me. My bet is that Trump will go on to be one of the best US presidents ever who will serve two terms. The weasel Democrats know it that’s why they are trying to destroy him.

Never judge a book by its cover is an old saying, look at what the contents are inside it and judge the book that way.

The same can be said about Trump. Look at what he has achieved in just one year. As for his tweets and his supposedly nasty side to him SO WHAT?

Take a look at past presidents. Start with Kennedy a Democrat. Look at how he abused woman while he was in office and outside office. It was a game between both Kennedy as to how many women they could abuse film stars, singers, staff. They all fell victim.

Move on to Johnston who came next another Democrat one of the most racist presidents ever to sit in the Oval Office who said I’ll have those niggers voting Democratic for the next 200 years. Then cynically set white against black all over America.

Johnson spent the late 1940s railing against the “hordes of barbaric yellow dwarves” in East Asia. Buying into the stereotype that blacks were afraid of snakes (who isn’t afraid of snakes?) he’d drive to gas stations with one in his trunk and try to trick black attendants into opening it.

For two decades in Congress he was a reliable member of the Southern bloc, helping to stonewall civil rights legislation.

Now move onto Clinton let’s have a look at how racist both Bill and Hilary are.

Both contributed to the surge of incarcerations in the 1990s, mostly of black men. Clinton signed a crime bill in 1994 that sharply increased sentences for minor offenses.

Both Bill and Hillary Clinton have a pattern of throwing the black community under the bus when it serves them politically, “She called black boys ‘super-predators’ in ’96, then she race-baited when running against Obama in ’08.

Notice anything yet. Well Kennedy, Johnson, the Clinton’s are all Democrats. It’s in the Democrats blood to be racists. Oh and by the way if you think for one moment Kennedy was not a racist think again. After the black singing star Sammy Davis married Swedish actress May Britt, Kennedy refused to let him perform at his inauguration.

Let’s move on to Dear Slick Willy St Obama.

St Obama another Democrat divided America like no other president in history. When a shooting happened one night in Florida that resulted with an African American dying after been shot by a man with Latino blood who was a member of the area crime watch George Michael Zimmerman the whole country of ardent Democrats voters latched on that it was a race crime because the boy that died was first black and the person who shot him was white. It did not cross their minds that actually the guy was Hispanic. He had a white name George Michael Zimmerman. St Obama as leader of the country did nothing to stop this. Just months into his second term he even came out and told everyone that if he had a boy like Trayvon Martin he would actually be very proud. Well that must sound well seeing that young Trayvon Martin was a convicted felon.

However lets go a little further. When a white cop in Ferguson shot a black youth who was attacking him St Obama did nothing at all to stop the rioting that went on after. It started on the 9 Aug 2014 and ended on 25 Aug 2014. He did nothing to quell the anger felt by both sides. Well I suppose he did need the votes of the Black community’s to vote for the Democrat Clinton two years later or any Democrat nominee for that matter.

All the while this was going on his policies were ruining America with people losing jobs and having to feed their family on food coupons a sort of social service. Let me remind you again what the Democrat Johnson said , I’ll have those niggers voting Democratic for the next 200 years. Oh yes St Obama took Johnson at his word because when you give things out especially food the person feels an obligation to give something back and if the guy that is giving it out is the same persuasion as you well that’s even better.

Let’s take a look at his prize the one that he wants for his legacy, God knows he can’t choose from a lot has he has failed miserably, he is like a Midas without the touch of gold. Obama Care sounds great on paper everyone will get some form medical care. Except of course it’s not that simple.

Let’s look at a few problems through the eyes of Americans.

It’s tough to understand how much Obamacare taxes you pay if you don’t buy insurance. In 2016, it increased to 2.5 percent of adjusted gross income. Your minimum payment is $695, and your maximum amount is the cost of a Bronze plan. Your minimums could be higher depending on how many family members you have.

Experts disagree whether the ACA reduced the deficit. The original projection was $143 billion in savings. Others forecast it will add $1.76 trillion to the debt. That would be bad because Congress passed the ACA to reduce the cost of Medicare and Medicaid. Federal payments for these benefits eat up the entire budget. That leaves less for programs in the discretionary budget. It’s difficult to understand the true cost of Obamacare to the nation when even the experts disagree so much.

President Obama promised that, if you like your plan, you can keep it. But health insurance companies cancelled plans for 1 million people. That’s because they didn’t comply with the ACA’s 10 essential health benefits. That was their decision, not Obama’s. But many people lost insurance as a result. However he should have thought it though a little more and cut out the many loopholes.

It requires doctor offices to computerize all medical records. The government first introduced this mandate in 2009 as part of the Economic Stimulus Act. That’s making life miserable for doctors’ offices. As of October 1, 2013, doctors must choose from 140,000 codes (up from 18,000) when entering data about a diagnosis. Hospital records need to comply with the new Medicare value-based payment system.

It made health care available to millions more. But that increased health care costs over the short term. Many people received preventive care for the first time in decades. Tests and treatments for cancer, cholesterol, and diabetes raised costs for insurance companies. And who pays those costs? Not the insurance company’s for sure. No that will be the millions of Americans.

Families lose some tax deductions for uninsured medical costs. The ACA raised the deductible level from 7.5 percent of adjusted gross income to 10 percent.

Higher income families paid additional Medicare taxes. It affected 1 million individuals and 4 million couples who made more than $200,000 and $250,000 respectively. It affected both income taxes and capital gains taxes.

Between 3 million and 5 million people lost their company-sponsored health care plans. Many businesses found it was more cost-effective to pay the penalty than provide health insurance benefits. Many small businesses found their workers could get a better plan through the exchanges.

Health care and health insurance companies paid additional taxes to help pay for Obamacare’s benefits. They may pass these costs on to consumers as higher premiums. Indoor tanning services were assessed a 10 percent excise tax. Drug companies will pay an extra $84.8 billion in fees over the next 10 years. That will pay for closing the “doughnut hole” in Medicare Part D. Medical device manufacturers and importers were assessed a 2.3 percent excise tax in 2013. (Note: Congress suspended the medical device tax for 2016–2018.) Insurance companies will pay a 40 percent excise tax on “Cadillac” health plans in 2020. These plans are for people in high-risk pools, such as older workers or those with dangerous jobs.

Buying health insurance is still complicated. For example, the exchanges offer four types of insurance policy levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. So now you’ve got to figure out which level you want. You must also compare the copays, deductibles and co-insurance levels between the different providers. On the other hand, the exchanges gave consumers more control over the shopping process. Before the ACA, you had to rely on a broker and hope for the best.

It is as you can see not a well thought out care plan

However there is more to St Obama than meets the eye. He is certainly not the nice guy like he likes to portray.

For a start he is the only President of the US to wage war for all the eight years he was President no other President in the history of the United States can claim that dubious distinction. Just think of how many people across the globe have died because of his war mongering policies yet, he comes across all smiles as if butter would not melt in his mouth.

However it gets worse because standing at his side for most of all this is Clinton, the woman that messed up in Libya, the woman that when interviewed came out laughing and said “Iran” it will be dust by the time I have finished with it. And she just did not say it once she said a number of times later on.

Then we have the last year of his Presidency where he ordered over 26 thousands bombs dropped in 7 Islamic countries all on innocent men woman and children killing and injuring thousands of innocent civilians. Then we have his order that made every male 15 and over an enemy combatant in the same Islamic countries. This was vital for his Drone strikes on crowded areas were young men congregated..

He should actually be rotting in some jail because that where we put war criminals and people who commit crimes against Humanity. However St Obama has that smooth tongue that goes with conning people . People seem to love him which is quite strange don’t you think when you get to know what he is really like.



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