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4 min readApr 6, 2020


This the latest report from China Ian.


Coronavirus Cases:






China I might add is one day behind every other country in reporting what's going on with the virus, that's not bad when you consider they were two and a half months actually getting in touch with anyone about in the first phucking place. Like how I am getting around any language barriers that might hurt peoples sensitive feelings?

So this is the state of play yesterday.

China. 81,708 cases.

New cases +39.

Total deaths 3,331.

New deaths +2

Total recovered77,078.

Active cases1,299.

Serious/critical 265.

Total cases per 10 million57.

Deaths per I million 2

And if you believe all that gobshite then Gunga Din you are a better man than I. Not what I have written is not true it is according to the Chinese. No, it's just the phucking Chinese report that leaves a stink like two dozen dead bats left rotting in a fridge with the power turned off for two months.

China is the big bad boy and people had better begin to take them more seriously. They are not nice people and their leaders are even worse.

Not very much has ever worried me over my lifetime I have always taken it as it comes. Not even during the early 80s did I worry about the Soviet Union threat. I knew if they ever tried to roll over us we would prevail in the end. I might not have been around to see it but that's near nor there in the greater scheme of thing.

However, over the last ten years, I have been increasingly worried about what we have been seeing they are sneaky little bastards. They have increasingly taken over our lives in a very subtle way. It has a population of 1,408,526,449 people to feed so who t do they go and do? They go and see the leaders of Brazil and Peru and offer to build a 3,000 railway that cuts through the lungs of the world and ends up in Peru because Brazil is the worlds second grower of the Soybeans 96,296,714 tons of them and they want the lot. Bugger the rest of the world what China wants China gets and China does not care how long it has to wait because they first approached those countrys in South America in 2015 and now after the environment protests have died down they are now in the planning stages.

That is one aspect, the other of course is cheap goods coming out of China, we all buy them not just Brits but millions across the world. As an example in my own household two years ago we decided to buy a tea trolly. My wife looked online and found one around £30, it came and guess who had made it, yes our Chinese friends a month later one of the wheels came so we complained to the company that sold it asking for another wheel. Six weeks later, knock on the door, I open it and its Andy our delivery man who hands me a large box. I open it to find a brand new trolly. China has sent me a brand new trolly, it was cheaper to do that than it was for the company to send me one new wheel.

China will stop at nothing to take over the world and if anyone thinks for one moment this virus was not engineered in a lab then they are burying their head in the sand.

I know what it's like to fight with a bad cold, it's bloody horrible, try having to fight when you have a nose running like a tap with a throat that's like sandpaper, try getting your head down in a peat bog freezing cold where your whole body is damp all the time while you have one, try assaulting an enemy position in that condition. Try shouting your orders to your men when you know if they don't get your precise orders they die when you have a bad cold, you not only feel lousy you become short-tempered and your judgment becomes cloudy. In short, you are a danger to everyone around you.

What better than to engineer a cold virus that's even worse than the common cold while at the same time making sure your own people and military don't get it. Because that's what China could have been trying to do engineer both the virus and a way to protect its own. What a wonderful bioweapon that would be.

I believe something went wrong.

However, looking at it another way what a wonderful bioweapon to crash economies. Not at this precise moment because it will be hitting the Chinese economy as well. But in the future when they are ok. Who comes out on top in that situation? Non-other than the Chinese.

We would be foolish to just disregard both those scenarios, and we would be foolish to believe one word coming out of China. They are our enemies treat them as our enemy's just like we treated the old Soviet Union. Let this virus be a wake-up call to all of us.




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