They say revenge is best served cold

Graham Charles Lear
2 min readDec 11, 2019

Ladies and Gentlemen of this wonderful country we all live in.

Today will be the greatest day of your lives. Today you will have the chance of a lifetime to gain revenge on all the Remain politicians who since 2016 have spat in your face for daring to put a small cross on a piece of paper that said WE the people want to leave the EU and then having the audacity to win the right to leave.

YOU know who they are, you have seen them stand up in Parliament and flagrantly spit in all our faces. Up and down the country in all political parties, you have seen them put the EU before their OWN Country, have seen them sneer at you because as someone who loves your country more than their EU, you are either uneducated, old or just plain stupid.

You may be old however you are neither uneducated or stupid, the same goes if you are young, and voted to leave the EU you are neither uneducated or stupid, in fact, if you are young you are wiser and have knowledge far beyond your young years.

So today you will have the chance to right the wrong that since 2016 has blighted all our lives. Three times this year we were due to leave three times they have managed to stop us leaving. By doing all this throughout this year and the years since 2016 they have stopped our great country from moving on, we have stagnated nothing has been done in those years.

So today get out and vote, vote in the only party that can get Brexit done you must with cold efficiency vote in a Conservative Government that after Christmas will get us out of this mess we find ourselves in through no fault of our own. Decimate Labour none of their candidates deserve your vote, they are led by a man who would ruin our country, who sides with every enemy we have faced since he came into politics, do the same with the Lib Dems they are not democratic at all and are led by a woman I would describe as being a Sociopath.

Take revenge on all who have spat in your faces so do it quietly and without emotion and with resolve to put right a wrong. Revenge is a dish served cold.



Graham Charles Lear

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