The utter hypocrisy of the EU was all on show.

Graham Charles Lear
5 min readJan 30, 2020


Yesterday 29 January British MPs left the European Union. At last after decades of the UK Being part of the EU British MEPs said goodbye hugging themselves, crying and sobbing with emotional nausea.

All except the largest British contingent the Brexit party who could be seen gleefully laughing giving power fist bumps to a job well done.

Brexit triumphed over a day of nausea-inducing, maudlin, EU-speak from Rejoiner MEPs

Yesterday the EU Parliament approved the exit agreement of the UK from the EU. The vote (621 to 49, with 13 abstentions) had already been decided the week before, as I reported last week. The real news was that the EU also inadvertently chose this day to give an award-winning display of its breathtaking hypocrisy and totalitarianism to the British people and to the World.

Putting aside some typically-uninspiring speeches in the massive and very expensive hemicycle that is the EU Parliament in Brussels, the headlines were all about Nigel Farage and the Brexit Party.


Because once again loathe him or love him he has the knack of taking over the moment by winding up the people who sit at the high Altar of the EU and making them show themselves up for who and what they are and he did just that in true Farage style in his last speech at the EU.

He timed his well-planned insult to perfection and he executed it in style, the shrug of his shoulders and his gesture after he was told off told everyone who watched that he and the British Brexit MEPs along with every Brexiteer in the UK just did not care. It was as good as saying Oh f!!k off tw@ts what are you going to do about it? NOTHING because we are off, stick your EU up your arse.

Anti-British, Irish Vice-President of the EU Parliament cuts off the leader of the largest single political party

As readers can see from the video, the Irish Vice-President of the EU Parliament promptly cut the sound from Mr Farage’s microphone. She then said the following.

“If you disobey the rules you get cut off. Please sit down, resume your seats, put your flags away, you’re leaving, and take them with you”

Mairead McGuinness, First Vice-President of the EU Parliament, Brussels, 29 Jan 2020

The thing is though if you care to notice, the dim Irish Vice-President of the EU Parliament had given him four minutes to make and finish that speech and he used those four minutes to perfection and he only picked up our flag right at the end knowing the dim Irish Vice-President of the EU Parliament would fall into his well-planned trap of showing the world the sheer spitefulness and hypocrisy of what the EU is.

What she said, the way she said will now be shown all around the world for years to come along with the sheer contempt Brexitees hold the EU

Let me show you another example of how the EU makes up rules as it goes along and show you what utter hypocrites they are.

Another example of how the EU makes up rules as it goes along.

Take a look at the “Rules of Procedure of the European Parliament”.

Rule 10.3 under “Standards of conduct” for MEPs states

“Members shall not disrupt the good order of the Chamber and shall refrain from improper behaviour. They shall not display banners.”

So, banners are banned, flags are not — yet anti-Brexit banners were allowed everywhere yesterday

Below are pictures of anti-Brexit British MEPs in the chamber yesterday, clearly waving banners. I start with prominent Labour MEP Richard Corbett.

Not one word of him using a scarf as a banner and his behaviour disrupting the good order of the Chamber along with improper behaviour. Look they are even clapping this British treacherous rat.

Look here is another British treacherous rat displaying his scarf like a football hooligan.

Watch this video of the EUP in action after the vote so that the UK can legally leave this obnoxious Union. What was that rule? Oh yes, rule three. Members shall not disrupt the good order of the Chamber and shall refrain from improper behaviour. They shall not display banners.” Yet here they all are singing waving scarf banners.

One rule for obnoxious treacherous Remain MEPs who could not give a rats backside about the UK and another one for patriotic Brexiteers who love only one flag the one the dim Irish Vice-President of the EU Parliament ordered Farage to put away even though there is no rule about waving flags.

What gets me in all this is, just when we think the EU can’t get any worse, it does.

There is a serious point here apart from the blatant hypocrisy of the EU and its totalitarian and bureaucratic structures such as the EU Parliament, Commission, Council, and the EU’s hundreds of agencies.

Just think for a moment about the arbitrary banning of national flags in the EU Parliament — something which is not written in the rules but which exists in practice as readers can see above. The reason for this is simple. The EU is quietly airbrushing out the very concept of national identities from the minds of the citizens of all its member states.

Thank goodness we are leaving this dystopian nightmare tomorrow evening.



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