The UK has entered into a full-blown constitutional crisis

Graham Charles Lear
4 min readJan 17, 2019


We just don’t know it yet, However, it will become clear in the coming weeks.

There was a moment in last weeks debacle in Parliament which seems to have gone unnoticed by the media.

This occurred after the unprecedented defeat of Mrs. May’s travesty of a ‘Withdrawal Agreement’ when the Speaker was asked a serious of questions from the floor of the House.

Here’s the most useful passage.

Yvette Cooper MP (Lab)

“Mr. Speaker, will you advise the House on what we might be able to do to urge the Prime Minister, for the sake of businesses, jobs, and people throughout the country, to seek an immediate extension of article 50 so that this can be sorted out?”

Mr. Speaker (John Bercow MP)

“…She will be aware of the presentation of a Bill that took place in the name of another Member, who I believe also has views on these matters. Those matters will, I am sure, be discussed in the days ahead, not merely in private meetings but, I feel certain, on the Floor of the House. Of one thing I am sure: that which Members wish to debate and which they determine shall be subject to a vote will be debated and voted upon. That seems to me to be so blindingly obvious that no sensible person would disagree with the proposition. If MPs want to debate and vote on a matter, that opportunity will, I am sure, unfold in the period ahead.

Well, well well.

To be frank, you had to watch that exchange to measure its full meaning. The intonation and knowing looks from the Speaker as he said this left us in no doubt that he fully intends to continue his policy last week of flouting conventions and protocols in the House — against the advice of his Clerks — in order to allow MPs to seek more power against the Executive, i.e. the Government.

At this stage, I can only conjecture which means will be employed by vexatious Remainer MPs to thwart Brexit.

Of one thing we can be reasonably sure, however. The Speaker will have no compunction in throwing out the Parliamentary rulebook to such an extent that the normal powers of the Government in determining business and in pursuing its agenda will be curtailed to an extent never before seen.

In practical terms this means that we should expect behavior which flouts our normal system of government in Parliament to such an extent that the future of Brexit may be determined by the anti-democrats, aided and abetted by the most biased Speaker in modern history.

It’s not only the Speaker and anti-democratic MPs

None of us could have imagined a scenario where a Prime Minister, whose principal preoccupation and overriding priority since her appointment two and a half years ago, was defeated by the largest numbers seen in British political history and didn’t instantly resign. And yet this is where we find ourselves.

The idea that this woman should be allowed to continue in power in any shape or form is simply incredible. In business (the world most us are from) she wouldn’t have lasted 12 months. About the only thing which Mrs. May seems to be good at is ignoring the popular will and staying in post. We might also see her ultimately decide to extend Article 50, going back on the hundreds of times she has said that “the UK WILL be leaving on 29 March 2019.

I now must ask something for us all to ponder. Is there a dangerous psychopath at work here? You don't have to be a serial killer to be one of those.

Will no-one rid us of this troublesome priestess?

All the time we see commentators reminding us that she cannot face a challenge to her premiership for another 12 months, after surviving the Conservative MPs’ vote in December.

Complete tosh.

We are now in unchartered territory and it is possible to describe this as a national emergency. Under these circumstances, it is not beyond the wit of the Conservative Party to act very fast to change by Emergency General Meeting or whatever it takes, change the rules, and oust her.

The country will never achieve any sensible exit from the EU under her leadership, nor will it prosper going forward.

She must be replaced by using the fastest ballot in Conservative history, voted for by the members. Sadly, I would suggest, the members can no longer trust many of their MPs even to select the right candidates for the vote.

May can’t stay that's for sure.



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