The truth about the EU’s Customs Union.

Graham Charles Lear
2 min readOct 20, 2019

They say the truth shocks people if it does then I hope this truth shocks Remainers to the core of their souls.

  1. The EU Customs Union is about selling goods.

2. The EU27 countries made a profit of £95 BILLION in selling goods to the UK last year. 2018

Remain MPs talk a lot about the EU’s Customs Union. Few know much about it. Below I present some real facts, researched from HMRC, the EU’s official statistics agency Eurostat, the EU Commission, and the House of Commons Library.

For the EU, the UK is a big earner when it comes to its Customs Union goods trade with the UK.

The EU27 countries made £95 billion pounds profit from the UK in 2018 alone

They sold us £266 billion of goods last year

They only bought £172 billion of goods from us

It’s little wonder the EU27 refers to the UK
as ‘Treasure Island’

Since the EU Referendum in 2016, the EU27 countries have sold
over £¼ TRILLION pounds more goods to the UK than we have sold to them.

Trading with the EU? No membership of anything is required
179 non-EU states around the world sell into the EU [EU data]

  1. They are not members of the Customs Union, but they sell successfully to the EU

2. They are not members of the Single Market, but they sell successfully to the EU

3. They are not members of the EEA or EFTA, but they sell successfully to the EU

4. They have control of their borders, their money, and their laws, and yet they sell successfully to the EU

5. And the only country in the top 40 with a full, ratified Free Trade Agreement is South Korea.

Do you want the truth Remainers, can you handle the truth Remainers?

WELL, CAN YOU PUNKS? As Clint would say

When the UK leaves the EU, it will become the 2nd-biggest buyer of EU goods in the World

The UK market is vital to the EU27

It’s almost as large as the USA and is far more important to the EU27 than China.

Leaving the Customs Union, the trade-weighted average EU tariff for non-agricultural products is only 2.8%. Only 8.7% for agricultural products.

Over 85% of sales into the EU in 2018 came from countries with no membership of the Customs Union, no membership of the Single Market, EEA, EFTA, or anything else which Remain MPs might be able to think of.

The EU Customs Union doesn’t work for the UK.
Let’s join the 179 non-EU states which simply don’t need it.

[ Sources: HMRC | EU Commission | Eurostat | UK Office for National Statistics | House of Commons Library ]



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