The true cost of being in the EU for Britain

Graham Charles Lear
3 min readSep 7, 2017

‘True’ £660 million weekly cost of Britain’s EU membership. Its what the MSM and remain camp wont tell you

The true cost of being a member of the European Union is £660 million a week not the £350 Million we were led to belive when we held the referendum back in 2016.

When you break it down in the cold light of day This includes more than £80 billion lost to the Treasury after the European Court of Justice forced tax rebates to multinationals and £50 billion in Eurozone bailout obligations.In membership fees alone, after the rebate has been returned Britain has paid out £70.6 billion in fees. But the Bruges Groups says our real financial commitment is £275.08 billion


The true cost to Britain of being in the EU has been £660million a week

Over seven years that is £34.3billion a year, or £661,260,000 a week.

This includes £7billion in welfare payments to EU citizens living in the UK.


This includes more than £80bn lost to the Treasury after the ECJ forced tax rebates .

In 2014 the UK was forced to hand over an extra £1.7billion after the EU bust its budget.

It was the year that then chancellor George Osborne announced a £12 billion welfare cut as part of a plan to mend Britain’s deficit.

Crucial to the equation, says the Eurosceptic group, is the £40 billion spent on propping up the euro and bailouts.

It includes £6.6 billion to bail out Portugal and Ireland, with £32 billion given to the European Investment Bank, and £1 billion to the European Central Bank. The European Central Bank received £1 billion

Robert Oulds, director of the Bruges Group, said: “The point is that all of these figures grossly underestimate the true level of Britain’s financial exposure over the past seven years.”

Just the other week Brexit critics seized on Treasury figures which, they said, showed the UK paid £156 million a week to the EU last year, not the £350 million claimed by the Leave campaign. I bet they wish they had left well alone as now after research the true cost has now been shown to be £650 million a week and not the £350 million.

All the Remainers want another Referendum I say to them be very afraid for what you wish for. If you ever get your wish to hold another one you will see a vast improvement of people wanting to leave the EU when we Brexiteers show the true actual cost of being in the EU club. Your support will dwindle to just a few ardent Remainers.

Everyone I talk to in my area are telling me that they would vote to leave. It was a Leave area anyway with a 68% of people wanting to leave. Now when I go out and talk to people and I ask if they voted to leave or stay in the EU, ones who voted to remain have now changed their minds and say they have seen how the EU is treating the UK and now would change their minds.

I just wonder what they would say now if I showed them the actual true cost of being in the EU. My bet is when they digest it all they will be utterly shocked at how the Remain camp has deceived them with the total lies they have been telling people. And the simmering anger that they already feel against the their MP who voted against their wishes will boil over into outright anger.



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