The Tool You Can Use To Prove That That The Rejoiners Are Liars.

Graham Charles Lear
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Dont you just love modern technology. I do as a Brexiteer I think I am in love with it.

What I am about to show you can be used to prove Rejoiners like Adonis and his motley crew of Rejoiners including the BBC and the rest of the media are out and out liars.

Traffic cameras showing clear roads raise questions about the motives of critics making exaggerated claims

Claims of prolonged queues and delays for articulated trucks heading for Dover and the Channel Tunnel are being refuted by Dover Port managers and the HMRC who both argue a combination of factors have caused occasional delays which have already been cleared up.

Photos showing truckers lined up on the inside left lane of the M20/M2 awaiting police authority to enter customs clearance lanes as they approach Dover Port have given the impression there is a permanent problem — with Brexit being blamed.

Dover Port managers explain the delays have been caused by:

  1. Three of the twelve ships that operate on the Dover-Calais crossing are currently out of service for refitting and maintenance;
  2. While the ferry capacity has been cut by 25% the number of trucks is reported as being higher than usual for this time of year;
  3. A new customs system is currently being introduced by the HMRC and some haulage firms have had difficulty in making the switch over to it.

The port accepts there have been occasional delays but reports that these do clear up. The evidence from monitoring the roadside cameras that the public can access suggests this is true. Below I present some basic facts for readers, as well as links to live feeds from official cameras that can be used.

1. How to check up on road congestion?

You readers can go to this website to check how congested the British roads they may wish to use currently are.

Once you select the road from the list or the camera from the map you will see the camera view — every time I looked there was no problem visible.

2. The Port of Dover is one of the busiest ports in the world
Last year (2021) it serviced:-

  • 3,102,599 million passengers
  • 2,149,595 trucks
  • 336,296 cars
  • 4,476 coaches

Why is social media replete with people claiming there are prolonged queues on days when the roads are clear, and when simply looking online can prove the queues don’t exist?

Last year we had two similar phenomena when first it was claimed Brexit had caused a shortage of lorry drivers and then Brexit was blamed for a shortage of petrol. Both were later shown to be false.

The prime cause of the HGV driver shortage was shown by logistic experts to be due to the Covid pandemic and its subsequent restrictions causing huge delays in driving tests, the processing of licence renewals and new licences being issued, and the poor working conditions for HGV drivers.

There never was a shortage of fuel. There were more than adequate supplies for filling stations, but speculation about the HGV driver shortage caused some members of the public to start panic buying of petrol. This was reported in the media and this in turn only fed the panic.

Once drivers filled their tanks and found there were no shortages other than the ones they had caused locally, the panic eased off. It should never have happened as drivers of petrol tankers need an additional ADR certificate on top of the HGV Class 1 and there was no shortage of such drivers as it is a coveted role, being the best paid.

Is it just a coincidence that such scares happened in the run-up to Christmas when there were other claims being made (by turkey farmers!) about a shortage of turkeys and how booze would run out?

The opposition to Brexit is becoming coordinated

What is emerging is a pattern. When there is a problem anywhere in the country, on any issue, the default response of Rejoin campaigners and many in the media is to blame Brexit. It is part of a coordinated attempt to persuade the British people to lose faith in regaining their sovereignty because as I reported last week. No doubt there is more to come.

There will indeed be occasional queues for ferries until the new system beds down. We also know that delays on the French side can crop up at any time and quickly back up on the British side. But let’s not lose our patience or our perspective. Brexit is already proving to be a success — as I continually report. And as the economy gets back to normal and the new systems are adopted it won't be long before we are asking whatever happened to the lorry queues?

You can check those cams at any time especially when the media begin to show you long lines of Lorrys at Ports in the UK

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