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The Remain lies in Brexit

The Remain voters in Brexit are very fond of saying that the Leave campaign voters lied to everyone to get people to vote to leave the EU. Even European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker got in on the act saying that he blamed the Brexit vote on 40 years of lies and the lies of ‘Leave’ campaigners.

He is right in one sense however those lies came from the Remain campaigners and there is plenty of proof that they lied.

Lets look at one part of the Leave campaign that they say is a lie. They are very fond of linking the red bus and what it said on it as a Leave lie. The UK gives the EU a gross contribution of £350 million a week. Its actualy double that but at the time we did not realize the true cost as I have shown in another article I wrote. They linked the wording on the bus as a promise to give that £350 million a week to the NHS yet if you look at that wording on the bus it says no such thing. It stems from the ‘Remain’ campaigners being unable to tell the difference between the words ‘could’ and ‘will’. If you notice on the photo below there is no promise to fund the NHS from the £350 million a week, all it says is lets fund our NHS instead. In other words we COULD if we wished not we WILL. So thats one Remain lie nailed.

You see In reality the lies came from the ‘Remain’ camp

Lets look at one more from them again this comes from someone from the EU European Council President Donald Tusk, He said western political civilization would be destroyed if the UK voted ‘Leave’. As I am sitting here writing this article, and you are reading it, it is safe to say western political civilization has not ended. Therefore, we must conclude this was a ‘Remain’ lie.

What about our own Politicians they would not lie about something as important as leaving the EU would they? Sadly they would and have.

David Cameron implied in a speech about the “serried rows of white headstones” that World War 3 would be upon us if Brexit occurred. The last time I checked the UK had not invaded France, Germany the Netherlands or any other country,and they in turn have not invaded us, therefore we must conclude this was a lie.

How about George Osborne he predicted predicted tax rises and spending cuts would be implemented. To date, no changes to the planned tax rates or public spending have been implemented. So, another lie, and thankfully after his sacking Osborne is no longer in a position create his ‘punishment budget’.

How about Anna Soubry she would not lie would she? Remember what she said on her Question Time appearance. She said that Britain would go into a Brexit recession . Well its now well over a year since we voted to leave and no recession to date. So one more lie the Remain camp told.

How about the Governor of the Bank of England Mark Carney he said “It would be likely to have a negative impact in the short term… I certainly think that would increase the risk of recession.”

Well as I said above NO recession

How about the Remain lie that 3 million people in the UK will lose their jobs? Now who was it that said that 3 million people in the UK will lose their jobs, well its put down that David Cameron said it, however as Brexiteer I cannot tell a lie. It was Iain Duncan Smith who told that blatant doomsday lie. In fact as we have seen this week we now have the lowest unemployment since 1971 and in fact the lowest in all of the EU.

“A dangerous fantasy” is how Nick Clegg described Nigel Farage’s claim of EU plans to create an army. Yet three months after the Brexit vote Junker was saying the EU needs an EU army and only this week we say his dream once more being bandied about to loud clapping and shouting from the EU Parliament building. The only one who was not applauding Junker was Farage I dont suppose Clegg will make an apology any day soon Remain Porky pie tellers dont do apology’s.

We were told companies would leave the UK in their droves, especially in the car industry. There is no sign of this, and UK car manufacturing achieving its 12th successive month of growth in July, with production passing one million units in seven months for the first time in 12 years.

David Cameron said he wouldn’t resign as Prime Minister if he lost the Referendum vote. Er who is our Prime Minister NOW.

Again our old Prime Minister said this. The UK could manage its immigration policy while inside the EU. Why are ‘Remain’ campaigners insisting we start to control immigration in any Brexit deal then? Because we cannot control EU immigration now, proving Cameron was lying.

It is about time us Brexiteers challenged this ridiculous narrative of leave lies and remain truths. We voted ‘Leave’ for control over the laws of this country, and the patronizing suggestion we are gullible idiots is quite frankly ridiculous. Remain campaigners should look in the mirror if they want to find a liar.



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