The problem isn’t Brexit and never has been.

Graham Charles Lear
3 min readApr 3, 2019

The problem isn’t Brexit. The problem is DDD. Democratic Deficit Disorder which has spread like a malignant growth through our body politic. The Mother of Parliaments was once an accolade used when talking of Westminster. Now it is more appropriate for this to be used in the pejorative sense, as in the mother of all mess-ups.

The fatal flaw in Britishness

The United Kingdom has become a laughing stock on the world stage. The best that can be said is that our traditional friends are looking on in shock, bewilderment and sadness. The worst that can be said is that our once proud global reputation lies in tatters.

The saddest thing of all is that the British people as a whole haven’t actually changed that much.

Our tradition of quiet evolution — in contrast to bloody revolutions — in the recent history of our nation has turned from being a cause for quiet pride, into being a fatal flaw. Our reputation for not complaining is a weakness that has been exploited by an ever more arrogant Establishment class.

The simple fact is that the reasons for the appalling mess in which we find ourselves are down to our politicians. The Conservative Parliamentary Party selected a hopeless Remainer as Prime Minister, despite her record of six years of kicking cans down the road as Home Secretary.

Those at the top then chose for negotiations to be conducted secretly by unelected arch-Remain civil servants, to an agenda driven by the pro-Remain Establishment.

And when it became obvious that we were heading for disaster, over one year ago, Conservative MPs failed to react and replace their leader.

Since then the growing confidence of — let’s face it — wholly inadequate and ill-educated MPs, has created a world where they not only think they know better than the people, but they feel invincible too.

No-one wants to live in a society at war with itself. If you agree with this statement then we must fight for peace.

We still have the chance to do this peacefully, but it takes a small effort by each and every one of us. only a mass effort to persuade MPs to draw back from the abyss will do.

To take a Remainer absurdity used to describe a WTO Brexit, MPs are now in serious danger of falling off a cliff. They are currently standing on the edge. It’s our collective job — yours and mine — to make them look down and reconsider. We can only do that by making sure they know that this will be their last term in Parliament if they continue to betray our Nation like they are doing. To be honest for many of them it's far too late they have and always will betray our Nation when it comes to the EU. However, you and I can take revenge on them come the next election.



Graham Charles Lear

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