The man behind the plot to get rid of an elected British Prime Minister

Graham Charles Lear
8 min readFeb 3, 2022


Baron Andrew Adonis who is Chairman of the European Movement,

I would like today to show you all who is the leader of the campaign to get the UK back into the EU, and who is behind the effort to get rid of the PM

You may not be shocked by who it is, however you will be shocked by the sheer momentum that this is gathering pace and the team that he is gathering around him.

And if anyone has any doubt that this is not true take a good look at his latest tweet


Let me show you.

Fact 1: Baron Andrew Adonis is Chairman of the European Movement, one of the leading arms of the Rejoiner movement who are recruiting yet more campaign managers to join their team. He is the big cheese behind it all

Fact2: In a recent European Movement circular sent out on 13 January by its Campaigns Strategy Adviser, Mike Galsworthy

claimed 1,000 new members had been recruited since Christmas and the campaign to rejoin the EU was being ramped up by recruiting more staff:

Fact 3: Inspire EU founder, Jack Dart, has joined as Social Media Manager.

Fact 4: Former Lib Dem deputy leader on Manchester Council, Richard Kilpatrick, has joined as Campaign Manager.

Fact 5: European Commission spokesperson, Mark English, has joined as Head of Media.

Fact 6: And from Canada’s ‘New Democratic Party’, Patrick McCoy has joined as Digital Strategy Adviser.

Fact 7: These recruits all join the European Movement’s communications team led by consultant Pablo O’Hana, recruited in October 2021.

Fact 8: …and Galsworthy claimed “that’s not all; there’s more to come!”. Online had already reported on 10 January:


“In a move that the all-party pressure group says signals that it ‘is on battle stations for the next election’, the organisation has launched a hiring blitz, recruiting more staff than ever before.”

“Other new hires include three regional campaign managers, a director of the youth wing and a campaign officer. The new appointees join an already bulging team with more set to come. The organisation is still seeking four new Director roles in Membership, Fundraising, Field Campaigns and Digital, alongside several manager and officer roles.”

These salaries don’t come cheap. This means they have an endless pot of money to draw from.

If that is not enough then I refer you all to what Michael Heseltine said last November

. When the transition period ended on 1st January 2021 and Britain finally left EU laws behind he told Andrew Pierce on LBC: “The battle starts again”.

He has argued EU loyalists must “never give up” and sets his own example by never passing up on any opportunity to suggest the UK must rejoin at the earliest opportunity.

Speaking on Times Radio, Heseltine said a forced resignation of Boris Johnson would “throw the whole thing up in the air” and bring up the chances of a second referendum. When speaking at Nottingham University on 3 November 2021 he said:

“Our purpose is clear. We must restore Britain’s position in the corridors of European power. That is our natural home and not only much of our history but also much of our future will lie.”

One more who is in agreement is the Labour leader Kier Starmer

He and his cronies can deny it all they want but a leopard never changes its spots and neither does a politician who is a fervent servant of the EU. It's the reason he has been fervently attacking Johnson on Partygate.

He knows that he himself will not become PM if Johnson goes, but you see that's not the point. Get rid of Johnson and in the wings will be a number of Tory closet Remainers. Then it's game on.

What can we expect?

Thanks to a number of leave supporters who attended Remainer activist training events in 2018 I know the facts behind the original strategy of Remain and Rejoin campaigners. In a personal testimony one attendee, Richard Lightman, reported what he was told…

“presentations were designed to identify and train potential lead activists and organisers who would be responsible for recruiting and creating an army of junior activists in every constituency across the country.

“The role of these activists would be, when called upon, to produce a flow of letters to local newspapers, post commentary on social media sites, lobby local MPs, run street campaigns, arranging door-to-door leafleting, and exploit every means possible to insidiously persuade as many people as possible that Brexit was ruining the country.

“At that same meeting a campaign official of one of the lead remainer campaigns stated ‘We have to connect EVERY problem with Brexit’ if they were to convince the UK electorate that Brexit was a mistake and one that must be reversed.

“If a business failed it was due to Brexit. If prices for a particular product, or service increased it was Brexit. If there were supply shortages or over-supply problems it was Brexit. If interest rates went up making mortgages more expensive it was Brexit. If interest rates went down reducing income from savings it was Brexit.”

Getting the picture yet?

Let me put it far more bluntly they are been told to lie their arses off to convince you all that it is Brexit and only Brexit that is causing problems.

And they say the PM lies, oh the sweet irony of politics.

Is it just a coincidence that is exactly what we started to see in 2020 once the transition period ended — with no allowances given for the impact of COVID-19, the lockdowns and the grinding to a halt of public services — such as the processing of truck drivers’ licence renewals that contributed to an existing shortage of qualified drivers? The completely fabricated petrol shortage (when there were ample fuel stocks). The scare such as no turkeys at Christmas and a shortage of booze? shelves at supermarkets void of veg and fruit?

There was just one month in the Pandemic where shelves were short of not only food but also everything else but that was because of the NHS pinging everyone to stay at home if they came into contact with someone with COVID and that included drivers. We sometimes forget what happened and Rejoiners are very quick to latch on to our forgetfulness

Here is a reminder

Take note of the photos you may see on many of Rejoiner's posts on Twitter the same ones blaming Brexit.

It's now 2023 did anyone actualy see a shortage of Turkeys due to Brexit? There was the bird flu scare in 2022 but thats not Brexit is it

Lest we forget what happened

Can we expect more of the same?

You bet we can.

The objective of the Rejoin EU campaign is to achieve what the Remain campaign failed to do in 2016, convince the UK electorate their interests lie in being members of the EU. This will be achieved by seeking to convince the British public that all its ills lead back to Brexit and firstly to align with the EU, and then rejoin it. The key will be gaining a rejoin Parliamentary majority in 2024 (or earlier) so the issue can be kept alive and alignment progressed.

How will this be done?

Expect to hear the mantra “Brexit isn’t working” being expounded ad nauseam to try and ram home the falsehoods of supposed Brexit failures. Expect every problem — no matter how small or how ridiculous — to be blamed on Brexit. If there’s a queue of people or trucks — it will be blamed on Brexit. We saw this blame game last year and it’s still happening now.

There is big money behind Rejoin and it’s going firstly into expanding staff and campaign infrastructure, then the campaigning will start in earnest. So if you hoped the Brexit debate was now behind us I have to tell you it isn’t. We need to continue to promote the benefits of Brexit and the many opportunities it provides.

We also need to be open about what Brexit can achieve — and its limitations too — but in ‘taking back control’ the act of democratic accountability is itself part of the Brexit ethos. Holding our governments to their word about what they said they would do with Brexit must be part of that. And if they fail to deliver they are playing into the hands of the Rejoin campaign.

All the more reason then to keep campaigning to see a real and full Brexit realised creating a clear distance from those that want to reverse it.

[Sources: European Movement supporters’ circular | | Testimony of Richard Lightman on



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