The Maldives lie

Graham Charles Lear
4 min readNov 13, 2021

Warmegedinists a word first thought up by Ian Thorpe way back in the 2000s to describe what was then Global Warming Zealots, always forget that when they make predictions of what is going to happen and are adamant that it WILL happen, we can look back many years later and show them that they were talking twaddle.

Tonight I was watching the news( always a bad thing to do as it raises my blood pressure) and some young thing representing the Maldives came on crying poverty and saying we all have to do something about rising sea levels.

Ah, I said all politely.

Well, actually I shouted what the phook are you on about now? Crying for even more sodding money are you, you money-grubbing scroungers.

You see I am older enough to remember that in 2009 President Nasheed the then President of the Maldives answered a question put to him on the run-up to the Copenhagen Climate Conference what was going to happen to the Maldives, he simply said if the talks fail WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE meaning the people on the Maldives.

Whatever happened next you might ask, well quite simply the conference got underway ten tons of snow dropped on their heads of the climate scientists who four weeks later changed Global Warming to Climate Change and The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) pledged billions to the Maldives to combat LOL rising seas.

So what happened to the Maldives and the billions, did they use the billions to combat rising sea levels? did the people in the Maldives survive? after all both the climate scientists and the President was saying, as Frazer out of Dads Army was fond of saying WE ARE ALL DOOMED, DOOMED I TELL YEE DOOMED. It's worth reminding people at this point what the maths were when it comes to the Maldives and sea levels. The UN back in 2009 forecast that the seas are likely to rise by up to 59cm by 2100, due to global warming. Most parts of the Maldives are just 1.5m above the water. The president said even a “small rise” in sea levels would inundate large parts of the archipelago.

“We can do nothing to stop climate change on our own and so we have to buy land elsewhere. It’s an insurance policy for the worst possible outcome. After all, the Israelis [began by buying] land in Palestine,” said Nasheed, also known as Anni.

So back to the billions and how it was spent on saving the Maldives.

They built, wait for it — — — — — — five-star hotels and other five-star accommodation, upgraded the main airport, built other brand new airports and did nothing to combat any sea rising.

Now, remember, this happened in 2009 and in a few years after, By 2012 tourists were arriving in the Maldives to top-notch airports and accommodation, It is now 2021 and the islands should now be long gone, yet they are thriving, To give you some idea how much they are thriving, in 2006 the Maldives had just 467,154 people visiting. In 2019 just before the Pandemic hit the world it had grown to 2 million and there is no sign of any of the islands disappearing despite what the Private Frazers of this world have been saying

One thing I have learned in life is the fact that no one spends billions on projects that in a few years will be gone, and that is the baseline you have to look at when you look at the billions being spent on climate change. and the meetings going on at the Glasgow one. It's just one big racket.

If you think it's not then I will tell you what happened to Mohamed Nasheed former President of the Maldives.

He resigned in 2012 and was later jailed on terror charges, he was feted by Washington, London and Berlin and George Clooney's Amal wife led a crack legal team who dismiss the charges against him as nonsense. He now lives in London. I would say Nasheed is a rum one indeed who conned billions out of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

What of the present President of the Maldives and his government?

They rarely mention sea level rises or climate change, they would rather talk about the growth of jobs and infrastructure which seems rather weird and strange because everyone is still saying the islands will be soon underwater.

Now in Glasgow, we have a young bobby nobody, from the Maldives who had just started school and was just out of nappies asking for more billions.

Phook off child, go and have a hug with flat face Greta.



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