“The Lady of the Rings”

Graham Charles Lear
4 min readDec 1, 2019

“The Lady of the Rings”

“Three Rings for the Executive Vice-Presidents under the sky,
Five Rings for the Vice-Presidents in their halls of stone,
Eighteen for Mortal Commissioners doomed to die,
One for the Dark Lady on her dark throne
In the Land of Mordeur where the Shadows lie.

“One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them,
One Ring to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them,
In the Land of Mordeur where the Shadows lie.”

A new EU government takes over our lives today

The new EU Commission takes office today, 01 December 2019

The new EU Commission consists of 1 President, 3 Executive Vice-Presidents, 5 Vice-Presidents, 18 Commissioners. And a Partridge in a pear tree 😂

You didn’t vote any of them in, and you can’t vote any of them out. They were appointed. On Wednesday 27 November the MEPs from the EU Parliament rubber-stamped these appointments. None were elected in a competitive, democratic ballot — and this includes the role of President of the Commission.

Who are they?

In the immortal words of Nigel Farage when he stood up to address Herman Von Rompuy the new EU President.

AND the question I am going to ask we’re all going to ask is WHO ARE YOU. I’d never heard of you, no one in Europe had heard of you, I would like to ask you, Mr President, who voted for you? And what mechanism….Oh, I know democracy’s not popular with you lot….And what mechanism do the people in Europe have to remove you? Is this EU democracy?

It was one of Farage's many speeches at the EU Parliament some my say his best one because he captures the essence of what the EU is all about when they change the ones who rule the lives of 500 million people.

Indeed not many British if any had heard of Von Rompuy, I doubt many people outside tiny Belgium had heard of him, I doubt that if we had not held the 2016 EU referendum we would have heard of Junker from tiny Luxemburg either.

Which brings me to our glorious new EU President, let's be honest, hands up who had heard of the one who is taking over today before we held the referendum? Let's face it we only now know who she is because her own countrys people know of her incompancy in anything she has been given to do and could not believe what they were hearing.

So who are the next batch that has the power over half a billion people I am sure you will know them……….NOT.

Out of all of them, there are only two names that I recognise they are first Ursula Von Den Leylen

Franz Timmermans

That is because of the fact Ursula Von Den Leylen has been in the news from the moment she was chosen to become the President and it caused an uproar in her own country were she is well known for her incompetency in any job she has been given by the German Government and it got quite a bit of publicity that reached our own newspapers.

Franz Timmermans has been around since 2014 at the EU and was a well known Dutch Diplomat and then became a Dutch politician, so has been in the news.

As for all the others, in the immortal words of Farage

WHO ARE YOU. I’d never heard of you, no one in Europe had heard of you, I would like to ask you, who voted for you?….Oh, I know democracy’s not popular with you lot….And what mechanism do the people in Europe have to remove you? Is this EU democracy?

A general election is taking place in the United Kingdom. On 12 December the British people will vote. A government will then be formed, and cabinet ministers will be selected by the leader of the largest party. All of these cabinet ministers will normally have been elected by voters in his or her constituency.

The system might not be perfect, but it does at least involve making a choice

And — as far as I am aware — none of the cabinet ministers in the UK will have been a former Miss World contestant, unlike the new EU Commissioner for Equality Helena Dalli. (I decided to look her up) She is a Maltese politician. To be fair to Ms Dalli, she does have a degree from Nottingham University in “Political Sociology, so I suppose that's OK then, other than all that the only thing I have found out about her is she starred in a film, quite an unforgettable film actually. It was called Final Justice (1985 film) The film was lampooned in a 1999 episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000. Now infamous for its poor quality, it is among the lowest-rated movies of all time. It seems 500 million people are all in for a treat with this bunch of nobody's



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