The Evidence Against Kier Starmer And Beergate And Curry Night And Its Damning.

Graham Charles Lear
7 min readMay 4, 2022


This is an excellent thread taken from GregC it shows that both Kier Starmer and Labour have been covering up what went on in Durham and that a conspiracy has been entered into protecting the Labour leader and his deputy and at least one other Labour MP from a simple fine.

Always follow the evidence

We know that the line being taken by Starmer, Labour & supporters is that the event was investigated by police and no rule-breaking was found to have taken place. But was it investigated? According to the police, all they did was review the video. Not much of an investigation.

Mary Foy MP with Starmer

We know that information regarding the event and who was there has changed since the so-called investigation took place. For instance, we know Starmer’s office denied that Rayner was there that evening.

We know that this is untrue and that the Labour excuse for this is that a mistake was made with that information. They want us to believe that Starmer’s own office didn’t know Rayner was with him at that time.

We know that Rayner’s married lover was in Halifax with her on the 3 May. Strangely he was silent on social media from 30 April until popping up with Ang on the 3rd. What was a bog-standard MP for Ilford doing campaigning so far from home? Was he there the night of the 30 May?

We know that Starmer said he’d “been at it all day doing Zoom calls & member calls from that very office” and “If you’re trying to persuade anyone that stopping to have some food when you’re in the office all day working is a breach of the rules, it’s just not going to wash”.

We know this is a lie because we know that he was in Hull throughout the day. Here is his account tweeting about him being in Hull that day.

And here he is in Hull Fruit Market tweeting about his visit that day.

So we know, despite Keir claiming he had been in the office all day doing Zoom calls, that he wasn’t. He didn’t appear to arrive in Durham until about 7 pm.

So now we know he didn’t spend all day in the office and that he didn’t arrive until the evening it begs the question…why did he go to the office? Could it be that the Labour Durham team were holding a Zoom quiz and social event that very evening?

We know that both Starmer and Rayner joined Zoom calls from the Durham office, using the same webcam from the same office.

So that now begs the question…if all they were doing was Zoom calls why did they need to be at the office? Surely they could have done them from their hotel? Maybe it was so they could enjoy a nice beer in the company of others?

Now let’s look at the claim that they had to stop work to order and eat a takeaway as the hotel they were staying in “didn’t have food, they didn’t run food”. If they didn’t get a takeaway the team wouldn’t have eaten apparently.

He stayed in the Radisson Blu Hotel Durham. Here is their Facebook post from the day clearly stating food and tables were available up until 9 pm. Another lie.

Now those who seek to defend what has happened seem to fall back on the same line “It’s been investigated, no rules were broken”. The rule was you couldn’t meet indoors with people not in your household/support bubble. Here are the exceptions for campaigning.

Now maybe I understand this wrong but exception 20 (a) says no more than 2 people. There were more than 2 people in that indoor gathering that day. We see 7 in the video.

Some people say the 2 person rule is superseded by exception 20 © reasonably necessary for campaigning. No one has been able to explain why a gathering is reasonably necessary for carrying out Zoom calls. Remember this is what Starmer said they were doing.

And no one has answered just who they were campaigning to at 10 pm on a Friday. They want us to believe they carried on working after the video was taken

We know he wasn’t in the office all day. We know he arrived in Durham about 7 pm and his hotel was serving food until 9 pm. We know he did Zoom calls. So why didn’t he do those Zoom calls from his hotel & order a takeaway if needed? Why aren’t the #MSM asking these questions?

All this information is available. It’s taken me an hour or so of scrolling to find the relevant posts. I struggle to understand how


could think there is nothing to investigate further here. Actually, I do understand… #joyallen is the



Now I ask anyone who is still defending Starmer to swap the names Starmer, Rayner and Labour to Johnson, Sunak and Tories and tell me they wouldn’t be sure something is being covered up.

They lied about who was there. Starmer lied about being in the office all day and about his hotel not serving food. So come on




do your job and investigate this properly. A precedent has been set by


. Or is it truly one rule for them? END

£200 worth of curry? Just how many people were there?

And bodyguards from


witnessed it? How much longer can they pretend there is nothing to investigate again?

Taken from GregC’s Twitter account author of this excellent piece.

Now I am going to add my thoughts

So now we know the Met were involved as well. This now becomes far more serious than having curry and beer during COVID lockdown

This is jail time for at least three Labour MPs two of whom are the leaders of the Labour and also police officers involved because what they have all done is enter into a conspiracy and conspiracy to pervert the course of justice no less, to protect themselves from what was at first a simple fine.

This is certainly not going away. People are waking up to the fact that Starmer and his Labour Party have done far worse than the PM has ever done. He and Rayner his deputy have spent nearly six months in Parliament and out of Parliament accusing the PM of breaking his law when all he did was have a cake shown to him while working. The same Met police whose protection officers were with Starmer in Durham have fallen over themselves to issue the PM with an FPN along with Sunak who just walked through the door

What we are seeing in Durham Is far, far worse they broke every law on the Covid Statutory book. Outside their bubble, no masks, no social distance, breaking the temporary COVID law on elections, eating and drinking attending a Zoom quiz night from the Durham Miners building

This is not going away, the truth will always come to the surface.

I will also add there is far more to this than meets the eye.

Two things I have noticed

  1. Two Students just happened to be walking by and saw Starmer. Are they members of Momentum the very far left of Labour?
  2. Who took the photos of both Starmer and Rayner at the computer? Someone took a photo of them looking through the computer lens on their computer. That means an actual member of the Labour Party who was taking part in that quiz took the photo as it was a Labour Zoom quiz. Momentum again?

We know Momentum wants to bring him down and reinstall Corbyn as Leader

And look at this from one of Corbyn's staunchest allies

Since this was written more evidence has come to light

At least there is one honest person who works for Labour who is honest and has a decent code of ethics, unlike Starmer, Rayner and Foy along with the rest of the motley crew of Labour MPs and Celeb Labour barristers/actors/football pundits.



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