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NATO’s 70th anniversary in London — figures show the EU won’t spend to defend itself.

The leaders of 29 countries gathered in London yesterday. They represent the most successful defence alliance in history, which has kept the peace in Europe since 1949. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II welcomed NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg and the leaders of the Alliance’s 29 member countries to London at a Buckingham Palace reception on Tuesday evening (3 December 2019). The event meeting of NATO leaders. The event came ahead of a meeting of NATO leaders.

Let us all review the defence of Europe in the last five years of the 70 years of NATO’s existence

UK is one of only 2 EU countries to meet minimum NATO defence spending obligations every year

UK is one of only 4 EU countries to spend an average of 2% or more on defence over the last 5 years

The EU27 countries as a whole have underspent on defence by hundreds of billions of euros

6 out of the EU27 are not even members of NATO: Austria, Cyprus, Finland, Ireland, Malta, and Sweden

But isn’t the EU responsible for world peace?

The EU is forever claiming to be responsible for peace in Europe, and this claim is still repeated by Remainers — including many MPs — in the UK.

Here is what the EU Commission had to say on the matter ln 2018

“For centuries, Europe was a continent of war. However, after the Second World War, the European Union has become a most successful peace project, being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2012. Today the EU’s ambition is to be a global actor for peace more than ever.”

The truth of the matter is the fact it has been NATO that has fulfilled the role of defending Europe. The EU didn’t even exist until 1993 when the Maastricht Treaty was signed, 48 years after the Second World War ended.

Since then, amongst EU countries, it has been the UK which has been the lead country in defence, as it has been since WWII.

The UK is STILL the lead country in the EU on defence

In 2018, the UK was the only EU country predicted by NATO to be exceeding official NATO targets for defence spending — as a proportion of GDP and in terms of its percentage spend on military hardware — these are NATO’s two key targets.

And what of the largest economy in the EU — Germany?

During the entire period, shown above which is five years, the German Secretary of Defence was Frau Ursula von der Leyen. On 01 December 2019, she became EU Commission President — arguably the most powerful position in the EU.

In her time as German Defence Minister, Germany underspent its NATO commitments by over $100 BILLION dollars.

The World is becoming an increasingly insecure place. Threats of all kinds are appearing and the West must be prepared to respond.

For 70 years NATO has been the pivotal actor. The USA has for decades subsidised the defence of Europe, which includes the EU27. The UK has been its sole and reliable partner, always paying its way, Sadly the same cannot be said for the rest of the EU countries.

Only Greece has paid more towards defence as a percentage of its GDP than the UK, and that is because of what it sees as its continuing threat from its neighbour Turkey. The massive German armaments industry has done very well out of Greek defence spending.

The EU Commission’s budget for the next seven years foresees a 50-fold increase in spending on its defence budget, including an ‘off-budget’ fund of €10.5 billion euros. If EU member states which are also members of NATO were serious about defence, they would increase their national defence expenditure to the minimum level specified by NATO.

They conspicuously have not. And the new President of the EU Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, was the German Defence Minister presiding over the biggest underspend of any country in the EU during the last five years.

So cough up you parasites the US the UK and little Greece who you have shafted by the way have held your hand long enough. You want protecting then cough up the billions you owe then, in the future keep coughing up.

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