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EU and the Roman Empire

Old Roman Empire

EU Empire

Europe has now seen two powers take over the lives of European citizens. Rome was the first way back in time 27 B.C to 1453 AD. That’s quite a long time.

The EU was formed 1 November 1993 and in many ways, it’s very much like the old Roman Empire but without the violence that came with the Romans.

Now close your eyes for a few moments and think yourself as one of those kings that frequented all the small kingdoms from the border of Italy right through old Europe right up to the border of England and Scotland. It does not matter what your name is because one morning you see a large cloud of dust on the horizon and you send out scouts to see what is causing all this dust. An hour later they come back and tell you that a great army of tramping soldiers are approaching and they look mean.

So with your heart in your mouth, you send out all the fighting men you have. You are a bit too old to go yourself or maybe not so you either stay or go with them. What you see if you go with them chills you to the bone. Because these boys mean business they are disciplined and hardened fighters. They are the dreaded Roman Legions you have heard about.

One hour later you have somehow managed to stay alive and you have made it back to Fortress where you sit waiting for the inevitable knock on the big gate. All your lords who have survived are with you.

In walk, the Romans look at you and you look at them back. You know your days are numbered, all you can hope for is that your death will be quick and that the Romans spare your wife and children. You are dumbfounded though when the Roman General holds out his hand and says aye up mate hows it going nice place you have here I think me and you can come to a nice arrangement. So now your ears prick up OK you say what are you thinking?

Well says the General there will have to be sacrificed but you and the family will be OK. What Rome wants is a nice chunk of tax every year. How many working folks have you got? Well, you say, give or take a few around 5,000 who work the fields. And how many in your army well not that many now you lot have slaughtered them all but I suppose give or take around 3,000 survived.

OK tell you what I will take the 3,000 back to Rome along with their family’s, we will pick the best and they can become good Roman soldiers and the rest can become slaves. How’s that sound is it a deal? You snap his hand off. Right says the General just sign the contract and I will leave you be, just make sure this time next year you have the tax Rome wants and we will get on fine. OK, then nice knowing you I am off out of your hair and on to the next Provence.

And that is that.

Except ofcause, he leaves behind a few soldiers along with a few Roman civilians who integrate into your society and after a few years, you find more and more people from Rome are beginning to live in your little Kingdom and all is well as you every year pay Rome the tax in the contract. You even find that you are actually beginning to dress like a Roman, you and your family are slowly becoming Romans.

That is exactly what the Romans did they did not mind killing off the population of a country putting most of them to the sword. But why kill a king when he could be so useful to the end game

Sound familiar to modern day Europe and the EU? Because that is what Rome was all about taking over countries and making them Roman just as the EU takes over the independent countries in Europe and makes them all European Unionists ruled from Brussels.

I can see you not convinced.

So now let’s pretend again that you are a smelly peasant who ekes out a living in the high Pyrenees. The small village you live in is untouched by what was then the modern world. You have never gone more than three miles from your home in your entire 20 years of your life.

One day you say My god I am fed up with this life there has to be something better than just eking out a living with those smelly sheep. So one day you pack a small bag and set off down the mountain to see what’s down at the bottom.

After the third day you are at the bottom of the mountain and are walking through the fields and you spy a very big wall, it’s a good 100 ft high but its a strange wall because every so often you can see through it. Now you are just a local uneducated peasant and you have never seen anything like this so you begin to follow it and its running for miles and miles. In fact, you decide to climb it. and take the first bath you have ever had in your life as you fall over the side into the water because what you have found the Pont du Gard Its 31 miles long and runs from Uzès to Nîmes.

Everywhere the Romans went they spent money building roads and great engineering feats like the Pont du Gard which still stand today. The Romans could only do all this if they had the money to do it and that money came from Rome. Of cause what they did not tell you is that everyone chipped in. The Germans in the East the Dutch in the North the Brits in the even further North in fact even the North Africans chipped in seeing they were part of the Empire of the Romans.

Now is it sounding familiar to what is going on in Brussels?

However, let’s go one further and nail this once and for all. Many countries in the EU have one currency the Euro.

Well, the Euro is not the first currency that Europe had. For years if you lived in the old France old Germany old Britain and what is now Belgium, Holland and many more countries in both Europe and North Africa you paid for the goods that you brought with a coin. What was so unique was the fact that if you lived in York England or what is now Paris or what is now Munich that coin had a face stamped on it, the face of any current Caesar.

It was the first Europe full currency that everyone used, Just the euro is the sole currency of 19 EU member states: Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Spain. And if the EU continues it will be the currency of all member states.

See the EU and the old Roman Empire are not that different are they.

They have also gone further than Rome. They might not have any control in Africa like the old Roman Empire. However thanks to the French who have overseas territory all over the world the EU Empire is not just in Europe.

France has 5 overseas regions. All 5 of the overseas regions, as well as Saint-Martin (a French territory in the Caribbean), are considered part of the EU.

They are as follows

Guadeloupe (Caribbean)

Martinique (Caribbean)

French Guyana (South America)

Mayotte (Indian Ocean)

Réunion (Indian Ocean)

This shows that the reach of the EU is all over the world, not just in Europe

To say the EU is not an Empire shows that people do not know much about the EU and what it wants to achieve



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