Shock Report Reveals The Terrible State Of A Failing Nation After Brexit

Graham Charles Lear
6 min readJan 30, 2023

Have a good guess which one it is, Is it England? Scotland? Wales? Northern Ireland?

Below is a deeply troubling report.

“??” is facing a major challenge to its education system — it needs tens of thousands more teachers. Hiring from abroad is one of the bright ideas to fill the gaps, but bureaucracy is hindering efforts.

“…school buildings are in disrepair. Plaster is crumbling off the walls, toilets are broken and gymnasiums are closed for repair work. Many don’t have Wi-Fi and computers are scarce. Teachers are exhausted, and more and more students are at risk of being left behind after schools were closed for weeks during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The sorry state of ??’s education system is the result of mismanagement and poor planning, say education researchers, and it comes at a time when schools face new challenges as they are expected to help with the integration of more foreign students.”

This nation also has big problems with its health service, The government has pledged billions to help hospitals face rising inflation and energy costs. It has also promised “the biggest hospital reform in 20 years” to fix the system. That is badly needed, it's understaffed and has an over-bureaucratic hospital system. WHO could it be?

This Nation also has an ever-increasing need for food banks. Increased poverty stretches its food banks to the limit.

The food banks have seen their number of clients double since last year, and many are turning people away. Increasing demand and decreasing donations are leaving many in need of help with few options.

Is it Scotland?

Here's another clue

Pawnbrokers are on the rise. Pawnbrokers, winners in this nation's ever-growing economic crisis. Prices are rising, and as they do, more citizens are turning to their local pawnbrokers to make ends meet. One small-town pawnbroker predicts that business is only going to get better.

Have you guessed yet who this country is




Northern Ireland?

It's got to be one of them, hasn't it?

Well NO, I can now tell readers that the country being talked about is not the United Kingdom. The words above are about the EU’s ‘powerhouse economy’ Germany.

I have quoted from a major report by the German state broadcaster, DW, published yesterday (29 Jan 2023). Just like I have with the

German Health Service

Food banks problem

Pawnbroker problem

A majority of school administrators say the shortage of teachers is the biggest challenge, according to the latest German school barometer published this week by the Robert Bosch Foundation.

“We believe there are 30,000 to 40,000 teaching positions that are not filled,” Dagmar Wolf, an education researcher at the Robert Bosch Foundation, told DW.

Education policy is the remit of Germany’s 16 state governments, whose conference of education ministers has put the number of unfilled teaching positions at a much lower 12,000. But the German Teachers’ Association said those figures have been embellished by the fact that some schools list parents and other helpers as teachers in the statistics.

I monitor the press across the EU.
For years to get a true perspective of what is going on, I rairly bother with our own press, the reason being THEY JUST CANT BE TRUSTED TO TELL YOU THE TRUTH.

  • Massive labour shortages
  • Supply chain bottlenecks
  • Inflation in the EU is currently worse than in the UK
  • Widespread strikes
  • Higher unemployment in both adults and in youth
  • Flights cancelled and long queues at airports
  • Empty Supermarket shelves
  • Severe shortages of medicines
  • I researched and published many reports on the above, using only official sources.

I read a German analysis about the chronic labour shortages which said: “A major cause is an increasingly rapid retirement from the workforce of the so-called baby-boomer generation of workers born in the 1950s and early 1960s. Around 350,000 workers are leaving the workforce each year, with not enough new workers to replace them.”

Back in 2001 Germany’s Federal Employment Agency Chairman Detlef Scheele told the daily Süddeutsche Zeitung newspaper:

“It will be much more dramatic over the coming years. The fact is: Germany is running out of workers.”

“We need 400,000 immigrants per year, significantly more than in recent years.

“From nursing care and climate technicians to logisticians and academics, there will be a shortage of skilled workers everywhere.”

- Detlef Scheele, Chairman, German Federal Employment Agency, 24 Aug 2021

And this is not only happening in Germany but in other major EU economies too, including the EU’s №2 economy : France.

And none of the above is “due to Brexit”.

Germany’s troubles are not “due to Brexit”

To the best of anyone's knowledge there hasn’t yet been a ‘Dexit’ — an exit of Germany from the European Union — so Germany’s woes cannot be blamed on that.

Equally, I am pretty sure that Germany’s steadily worsening situation over several years has not been ‘caused by Brexit’.

So why are our problems down to Brexit? The truth is they are not and never have been.

Why do you think you never hear of the problems in other European countries? The BBC, ITV, SKY and every daily newspaper must know about them. It takes me just a few seconds a day to click and get reports from every Country in the EU and if I can do that sitting at home on my laptop without any other resources, do we really believe that all those above can't do the same and more?

NO, the sad truth is that they know, and refuse to show or print anything as they are all PRO EU and want you to think it's only the UK that has problems

The jig is up as they say

Despite EU countries like Germany suffering from severe problems for years, the UK’s Rejoiners have been responsible for a continuous drip-drip of stories claiming that every conceivable problem experienced at some point in some part of the UK has been caused by Brexit. I find this wholly unacceptable. Either the torrent of misinformation promoted to the British public stems from gross ignorance, or it is deliberate false propaganda (‘fake news’). I suspect it’s a combination of both, and the Rejoiners must be called out for this.

Things in the United Kingdom may not be perfect and there are certainly many challenges ahead. However, the arch Rejoiners are going to have to get up much earlier in the morning and do some proper research, as I do, before they come out with their fantasy claims about Brexit.

Below are a few links to the

German Health Service

Food banks problem

Pawnbroker problem

And a few more

Thank you for reading my article along with the links I have shown. I will continue to show you all what is going on in the EU. Someone has to get the news out to you as you cannot rely on the British media to show you.



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