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EU announces yet another deal in advance of a WTO Brexit

Aviation safety certificates to continue with or without Mrs. May’s Withdrawal Agreement says EU.

You might have missed this last Friday

On Friday afternoon the EU Council issued a statement called “Ensuring safe flying after Brexit”. Contrary to British Remainer MPs’ wild claims, the statement contains yet another example of how existing arrangements will be rolled over in the event of a World Trade Brexit.

The EU Council has agreed with the EU Parliament that aviation safety certificates for parts in aircraft will continue to be valid after 29 March, until the end of 2019. Thereafter “the Commission will be entitled to prolong this period further.”

The European Union Aviation Safety Agency is responsible for the issuance of type certificates and organization approvals in the EU. After its withdrawal, the UK will resume these tasks under the Chicago Convention on International Civil Aviation.

The new regulation will apply from the day following that on which the Treaties cease to apply to the United Kingdom — supposedly 29 March 2019.


Planes will continue to fly, with valid EU safety certificates, following a ‘no deal’ Brexit.

Wild claims are not limited to British Remainer MPs

It is not only Remainer MPs who make unsubstantiated claims about Brexit. The EU Commission’s President, Jean-Claude Juncker, is a seasoned performer.

Here he is at a “Citizens’ Dialogue” meeting in Freiburg Germany last year, once again threatening the United Kingdom. This time he stated that in the event of no deal

“British planes will not be able to land on the European continent. People didn’t know that. Someone should have told them beforehand.”

Jean-Claude Juncker, unelected EU Commission President, 01 Oct 2018, Freiburg.

Juncker may not like it, but the UK dominates aviation in the EU

Friday’s decision by the EU Council on Friday is another example of how wild threats by the likes of Herr Juncker are now crumbling in the face of pragmatism.

Our Remainer MPs seem to have little idea about the prominence and importance of the UK. Below is a summary made after researching the EU’s own official figures on aviation last year.


1 More air passengers than any other country
2 The most passengers traveling outside the EU
3 The most passengers traveling inside the EU
4 The busiest airport in the EU.


The UK is responsible for over 25% of all passenger arrivals and departures by air in the EU

The UK is responsible for over 1/3rd of all intra-EU air traffic

The UK has the busiest airport in the EU

The UK accounts for 5 out of the top 10 air traffic routes in the EU.

This is just the latest in a long line of agreements which will be in place in the event of the UK exiting the EU without a full Withdrawal Agreement.

For the last two years, we have had Remainer MPs talking about a ‘No Deal Brexit’. The reality is that there will be lots of deals, in all manner of subjects. In this case, the EU’s new regulation will be in force after 11 pm on 29 March, whether or not Mrs. May manages to get her surrender document passed by the House of Commons. Many of these ‘side agreements’ concern some very dull subject matter. The 14 pages of this new regulation most definitely fall into this category, but nonetheless, it’s important. If nothing else it shows that common sense can prevail, yes— even in Brussels.

What kind of monstrous body do Remainer MPs wish the British public to remain in?

Do Remainer MPs seriously believe that the British people are going to change their minds about leaving the EU, now that they have seen and heard the vindictive and aggressive rhetoric from the EU’s leaders for the last two and a half years?

One of the most shocking aspects of Brexit has been the number of MPs prepared to stand up in Parliament and recite nonsense like that above from Herr Juncker, and seeming to rejoice in these threats to the British people.

Now that Theresa May has delayed the vote on her deal yet again, until the date just 17 days before she has repeatedly told us that we are leaving, it seems likely that MPs will vote to take no deal off the table. This vote will take place on Wednesday.

This would be an act of such folly that we would hardly know where to begin in criticizing it.

One thing we can say is that the tide of anger across the country is growing fast. Once again we should all strongly urge all the extremist Remainer MPs who are trying to thwart democracy to step back and reconsider. Not only will they never be forgiven, but they risk unleashing this pent-up anger in ways they seem unable to comprehend.

Were you really going to stop your citizens traveling by air
because you’re a political fanatic, Herr Juncker?



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