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EXAMPLE: EU’s migrant crisis is over, right? Er… NO

Most Remains know very little about the EU. One well known Remain Celebrity made that very clear on Sunday 17/03/2019 so after giving him an education lesson I thought I would continue his and other Remainers education with an update on the EU’s continuing migrant crisis.

The EU’s migrant crisis did not end in 2015

From 2016–2018 there have been 2.4 million first-time asylum applications

In 2018 alone there were 580,800 first-time applications in the EU

79% of all applicants were under 35 years old

70% of all applicants were male

Only 13.9% came from Syria

In the last 10 years, there have been 5.6 million first-time asylum applications.

The EU’s migrant crisis did not stop after the disastrous episode in 2015, when Angela Merkel unilaterally broke the EU’s Dublin protocol and opened Germany’s borders, precipitating a huge influx of migrants into the EU.

Note: In this article I have looked only at first-time asylum applicants, to avoid any duplication. In other words, I am excluding those who have tried to claim asylum more than once. This gives a truer picture of real numbers. Needless to say, the figures I have researched do not include those who have entered the EU illegally and who have not applied for asylum.

Remainer MPs remain misinformed

Brexit is by far the most important issue facing our MPs in two generations. It has dominated the political landscape and has occupied more Parliamentary time than any other issue over the past three years.

As such, MPs who pronounce on the subject should, of course, be informed. Sadly, we find this not to be the case.

Three years ago the EU Commission placed the cost per migrant at € ¼ million. On that basis, the cost of migrants making asylum claims in 2018 alone would run to €145 billion.

Is immigration the main issue?

Many MPs continue to believe that immigration was the overriding issue which caused the majority of the electorate to vote to leave the EU.

When I talk with Leave voters I am as certain as I can be that their decision was based on a combination of many serious concerns about the EU. Immigration was just one of these. Ending freedom of movement was never going to be enough.

Nonetheless, the EU’s migrant crisis was a factor, and for very good reasons.

It showed up the hypocrisy of the EU. Angela Merkel acted unilaterally and without any agreement from the other 27 countries when she opened Germany’s borders in 2015 and effectively tore up the EU’s Dublin Protocol.


If this had been done by anyone other than the EU’s largest economy, does anyone seriously think that the EU Commission would not have moved to punish that country? In fact, Germany has never received any censure from the EU Commission, let alone a fine of billions for the cost her actions have caused to other member states.

If the UK had done this, we can sure the British government would be looking at a fine of tens of billions of pounds.

Not that Remain MPs will be interested, of course….They don't mind giving away 39 billion so that we can (cough cough) trade with the EU even though they need us far more than we need them.

One final point, of course, the FAKE news that is the BBC, regularly refers to “over a million refugees” entering the EU. Even if we only look at asylum applications in 2015 and 2016, the true figure was 2.5 million. Not for nothing is the BBC now known as the joke news channel.

[ Source: EU Commission’s official statistics agency (Eurostat) ]



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