Praising the power of Parliament, but happy to give away its powers to Brussels bureaucrats.

Graham Charles Lear
6 min readJul 19, 2019

Yes you could not make this up if you tried

The sheer absurdity of ‘Hammond and the Remoaners’

More EU taxes, less say by MPs, removal of vetoes, more subsidies for other EU countries by the UK taxpayer

Yesterday Philip Hammond, Chancellor of the Exchequer, completed a further element of his plot to blow up his own Government in Parliament. Over the previous 24 hours he persuaded a total of 36 Conservative MPs, 10 of whom were members of the Government, to vote against or abstain on a motion carrying a 3-line whip.

These Remoaners’ mostly-undeclared aim is to destroy Brexit, the independence of the United Kingdom, and the sovereignty of the British people. Many of them talked grandly of the importance of Parliament being able to make decisions. Regrettably, their actions are aimed at achieving the precise opposite.

New EU Commission President-Elect will take even more power from MPs and from Parliament

Remainer MPs like Philip Hammond might like to read the content of the new EU Commission President-Elect’s “POLITICAL GUIDELINES FOR THE NEXT EUROPEAN COMMISSION 2019–2024”, which she delivered to the EU Parliament on Tuesday, (16 July 2019).


  1. Removal of UK vetoes

2. More power-grabs and even less power for MPs

3. More power for the EU Parliament, less for UK Parliament

4. More EU taxes

5. Economic, Banking, Capital Union

6. Defense Union — “the EU army”

7. Common European Asylum System

8. More ‘social policies’ to be put into EU law

9. Even more funds for poorer EU countries paid for by the UK

10. A determined push for an EU superstate

In a 24-page manifesto, (newly ex-)German Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen, Commission President from 01 November, presents a world where MPs will have little to do, and even less say or control over the laws which will be inflicted on the British people.

Let's take a very quick gander at Frau von der Leyen’s massive manifesto down to the key sound-bites. It’s a lot shorter than 24 pages, but it’s still longer than I would normally wish to produce. The simple reason for this is because her intended power-grab is so large.

The new EU Commission President’s manifesto

40 Key quotations from Frau von der Leyen’s document to MEPs

  1. “I will introduce a Carbon Border Tax”
  2. “I will also review the Energy Taxation Directive”
  3. “a new Just Transition Fund” (for poorer EU countries, paid for by the UK and a few others)
  4. “I will also propose to turn parts of the European Investment Bank into Europe’s climate bank”
  5. “We will complete the Capital Markets Union”
  6. “I will create a private-public fund specialising in Initial Public Offerings of SMEs, with an initial investment from the EU”
  7. “I will prioritise the further deepening of the Economic and Monetary Union”
  8. “I will also focus on completing the Banking Union”
  9. “This includes a common backstop to the Single Resolution Fund” (to bail out weak EU banks)
  10. “we need a European Deposit Insurance Scheme” (another cost, to cover weak EU banks)
  11. “I want the European Parliament to have a louder voice when it comes to the economic governance of our Union”
  12. “I will put forward an action plan to fully implement the European Pillar of Social Rights”
  13. “I will propose a European Unemployment Benefit Reinsurance Scheme” (more costs, to help poorer countries)
  14. “I will ensure we back this up with sufficient investment from the European Social Fund+”
  15. “I will turn the Youth Guarantee into a permanent instrument to fight youth unemployment. It should have an increased budget”
  16. “We need to set quotas for gender balance on company boards”
  17. “The Commission will lead by example by forming a fully gender-equal College of Commissioners” (regardless of ability or merit)
  18. “if by the end of 2020 there is still no global solution for a fair digital tax, the EU should act alone”
  19. “A common consolidated corporate tax base … I will fight to make it a reality”
  20. “I will make use of the clauses in the Treaties that allow proposals on taxation to be adopted by co-decision and decided by qualified majority voting in the Council” (ie no national vetos)
  21. “In my first 100 days in office, I will put forward legislation for a coordinated European approach on the human and ethical implications of Artificial Intelligence”
  22. “A new Digital Services Act will upgrade our liability and safety rules for digital platforms, services, and products, and complete our Digital Single Market”
  23. “I am fully committed to making the European Education Area a reality by 2025.”
  24. “I also support the European Parliament’s idea to triple the Erasmus+ budget as part of the next long-term budget”
  25. “I support an additional comprehensive European Rule of Law Mechanism, with an EU-wide scope”
  26. “I will propose a New Pact on Migration and Asylum”
  27. “I want to see these (10,000 strong) guards with the ability to act at the EU’s external borders in place by 2024”
  28. “A Common European Asylum System must be exactly that — common”
  29. “The European Public Prosecutor’s Office should have more muscle and authority”
  30. “Multilateralism is in Europe’s DNA. It is our guiding principle in the world”
  31. “my Commission will always propose that provisional application of trade agreements take place only once the European Parliament has given its consent”
  32. “I will appoint a Chief Trade Enforcement Officer to improve the compliance and enforcement of our trade agreements, and regularly report back to the European Parliament”
  33. “I fully support and stand behind the European Commission’s proposal to open negotiations with North Macedonia and Albania”
  34. “The Withdrawal Agreement negotiated with the United Kingdom is the best and only deal possible for an orderly withdrawal”
  35. “Should more time be required, I will support a further extension if good reasons are provided”
  36. “To be a global leader, the EU needs to be able to act fast: I will push for qualified majority voting to become the rule in this area” (ie another national veto gone.)
  37. “I want the EU to spend 30% more than we do today on external-action investment in the next long-term EU budget, increasing the total to €120 billion”
  38. “We need further bold steps in the next five years towards a genuine European Defence Union” (This is the EU Army which Nick Clegg described to Nigel Farage as “a dangerous fantasy”.)
  39. “When [the EU] Parliament, acting by a majority of its members, adopts resolutions requesting that the Commission submit legislative proposals, I commit to responding with a legislative act”
  40. “This is my vision for a Europe that strives for more.”

It is possible to be intelligent but to be a complete idiot all at the same time.

I don’t think that Philip Hammond — nor indeed some of his Remainer colleagues — are unintelligent. That said, it is hard to fathom how these people just don’t see what’s in front of their eyes. Do they simply not read the information, or do they prefer not to dwell on it?

Whichever the case, we expect our MPs to deliver on the intelligent and common-sense verdict of the British people.

The EU monster

Yet again we’ can how the EU is a monster embarked on a mission which not only does not have the support of the British people but will actively damage British interests. Not only that, but the direction of travel is so clearly towards a world where the Parliament in Westminster will be little more than a local debating club.

Despite this, we have Remain-voting politicians somehow trying to sound like they are standing up for democracy when their actions will result in an outcome which is the exact opposite.

Naturally, we should not do not confine criticism only to Conservative MPs. The stupidity in many other parties is simply breathtaking too.

It’s far too early in the year to start thinking about turkeys, but Remainer MPs are making it hard not to.

[ Sources: EU Parliament | Hammond Twitter feed ]



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