One of the bookies’ favourites to become the UK’s next Prime Minister is Tom Tugendhat MP, Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee.

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non monsieur and thrice more non monsieur

“Ce n’est pas un bon, (“It’s not a good)

We can not have a fox in the henhouse.

One of the bookies’ favourites to become the UK’s next Prime Minister is Tom Tugendhat MP, Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee.

Below I reveal some interesting facts about one of the front-runners in the contest.

I reveal all this because the BBC, ITV, Sky and every other MSM in the UK will not say a word

Tom Tugendhat MBE MP — Candidate to become the next Prime Minister

On his French nationality:

  • Holds dual British and French nationality
  • Married to Mme Morel-Tugendhat, a French lawyer who in 2018 took on the role of France’s Ambassador in London, advising on the legal aspects of Brexit
  • She is a member of France’s supreme court for administration and works for the French government
  • Tom Tugendhat is the nephew of a former Vice President of the EU Commission
  • His father-in-law is Pierre Morel, who was the French ambassador to Russia and China.
  • Please take a look at this below

On Brexit:

  • Campaigned for Remain in 2016
  • Was a member of the ‘Brexit Delivery Group’ of MPs who campaigned for the precise opposite of ‘Brexit Delivery’
  • Voted all three times for Theresa May’s disastrous Brexit deal


  • MP for Tonbridge and Malling (Kent)
  • Career pre-politics: Journalist, PR consultant
  • Advocated Prince Harry to become UK Ambassador to the US
  • Advocated centralising Dept for International Trade, Dept for International Development, Dept for Exiting the European Union, and Ministry of Defence — all under a ‘super-Foreign Office’
  • (The FCDO are almost all Remainer-Rejoiners to a man and woman)
  • He attends the secretive Bilderberg meetings, most recently this year

To be fair to him, I will show you the positives

  • Is generally hawkish on Iran, Putin’s Russia, Xi’s China
  • Has been banned by China for his criticisms of the regime
  • Advocates stronger ties with Canada, Australia, and New Zealand
  • Held part-time role as an officer in Territorial Army, served in Iraq and Afghanistan, in intelligence.

Can we really have a Frenchman in №10 Downing Street?

I am compelled to ask a serious question. Is it remotely credible — or indeed right — to have as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom a man who holds dual French-British nationality? Indeed, should not all Members of the United Kingdom Parliament be British and British alone?

Secondly, is it appropriate to have a PM whose French wife works for Emmanuel Macron’s government?

Mme Anissia Morel-Tugendhat has the absolute right to pursue her career working for the French state as she wishes. The problem arises, however, when she is also the wife of someone who would inhabit №10 Downing Street.

I dont normally write about the UK’s domestic political scene, except when it comes to Brexit. Nor do I normally write about the personal lives of politicians.

When faced with the choice of who is going to be the UK’s next Prime Minister, however, things are slightly different. This is particularly true when some of the difficult decisions about delivering Brexit in full have yet to be made — and when Rejoiners are massing to drag us back into the EU piece-by-piece.

Now we know why Tom Tugendhat was a Remainer

Whilst Tom Tugendhat has said he now accepts Brexit, we all must ask “On what terms?” Here is a man who was an ardent Remainer — unsurprisingly given his own and his immediate family’s circumstances.

He was one of those who continued to work to keep the UK as closely aligned to the EU as possible, long after the largest democratic vote in British history should have told him to do the opposite.

Lack of experience

Tom Tugendhat undoubtedly has experience in foreign affairs. However, he has never held ministerial office, let alone been a Cabinet Minister.

As far as I can see he has no experience of home affairs, nor of economic matters. At a time when we are undergoing a cost of living crisis, a rapidly escalating problem of illegal immigration, energy security worries, as well as confronting serious issues around freedom of speech and ‘cancel culture’ in our society, where is the ‘real world experience’ which he told the BBC he has?

Undoubtedly he is an intelligent man. He would be strong on Putin, China, and Iran. The problem is that this is as far as it goes.

And for me, having someone who holds French nationality in №10 is an absolute red line.

As it should be for the ones backing him like this MP from the City where I was born Jo Gideon an MP who became an MP in a Leave City and a Labour Stronghold.

I am afraid they won't be best pleased to find out she is backing a man to be PM who has an impeccable French background as Tom Tugendhat has. But guess what THEY are about to find out.

Bell below is one more who backed Tom Tugendhat to be the next PM. Ask yourselves why both these MPs who are supposedly Brexitees voted for an ardent Rejoiner to the EU. Bell stood on my doorstep and told me outright that he always supported Brexit and was a Leaver. Well, all I can say to him now DO YOU TAKE ME FOR A FOOL?

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