One Last Dig At the EU………. Or Will It Be The Last?

Graham Charles Lear
4 min readJan 2, 2021


21 terrible things that should have happened “due to Brexit” — but somehow didn’t

Its Day 2 outside the EU so I wanted to remind you of all the things Remainers told you would happen on Brexit day. Never in the history of political movements has one side fibbed so spectacularly and (at times) hilariously.

[1] How are you all feeling today…down there?

Well please be careful because now we’ve left the EU we are all due waves of super-gonorrhoea.

Wrapping yourself in the EU flag and putting #FBPE in your biographical details on Twitter is the only known cure.
[#FBPE stands for ‘Follow Back Pro-EU’ and is used by Remainer/Rejoiners on Twitter to indicate that they support the EU and the UK’s former membership of it.

[2] Are you hungry? Well, get used to it.

We were fed (excuse the pun) stories as late as November 2020 that Brexit would lead to 60% reduction in haulage meaning ‘months’ of food shortages.

[3] Forget those foreign holidays unless you fancy swimming the Channel.

As late as October 2020 we were told that all flights would be grounded. Both sides quietly agreed to contingencies in December. Quelle surprise!

[4] In March 2020 as COVID hit Europe, we were told the only way to obtain ventilators was by joining the EU scheme.

We refused and Remainers screeched that the Government was putting Brexit over-breathing. The EU scheme obtained…… zero ventilators.

[5] Another EU scheme another failure. We were told the only way to get vaccines fast and efficiently was through the EU. Brexit ‘would delay things’.

Instead, the UK fast-tracked approval and is a month ahead of Brussels, saving thousands of lives.

[6] ‘CUSTOMS CHAOS’, ‘Thousands of trucks backing up for miles’…

In reality, the New York Times reports that “a new era began Friday morning without much fuss.”

“It does seem pretty calm,” said Elizabeth De Jong, policy director of trade group Logistics UK.

[7] ‘We need the EU to protect our oceans.’

Yet on Day 1, the UK government have banned the environmentally catastrophic practice of pulse fishing, putting our fishing standards above those of the EU.

Super trawlers next!

[8] In March 2019 we were treated to an article by Remainer Dr Rebecca Grossman saying that Brexit would lead to more unplanned pregnancies and the NHS running out of condoms…

Brexit baby boom anyone?

[9] Despite the EU standing by while Russia annexed part of Ukraine, we’re told we have them to thank for peace in our time.

So much so that Donald Tusk said Brexit would lead to the ‘destruction of western civilisation’.

Tins hats on!!

[10] Among all the warnings of blackouts and chaos, we seem to have forgotten the real casualty of Brexit… Sperm.

We were told our vote would lead to a national sperm shortage.


[11] Company after company told us they would leave.

Like Siemens who threatened to depart… …then invested £310m into a wind turbine blade manufacturing facility in Hull creating 1,000 jobs, with a further £200m investment in Goole (700 jobs).

[12] Then of course there was the famous ‘Brexodus’ of talent and jobs from the City.

Analysts predicted ‘hundreds of thousands’ would go. Instead, they got just hundreds.

And the financial services sector went from strength to strength. Humble pie, anyone?

[13] Remember when Goldman Sachs said Brexit would see them reconsider their position in the UK?

Well, they went on to spend £1 billion on a huge new European HQ… in London.

They have just said the UK is ‘strong buy’ in the medium/long term

[14] The UK economy will crumble after Brexit the ‘experts’ said.

They now say the UK will strengthen its position as the 5th biggest economy globally, roaring ahead of France — the EU’s great hope — as our tech sector ‘booms’.

Non, je ne regrette rien.

[15] ‘Tiny UK will never get the same trade deals the EU negotiated’.

Errrrrrm. Wrong again. We’ve rolled over or improved every single meaningful trade deal.

[16] From the Government’s own leaflet in 2016, stating a zero tariff, zero quota deal was not possible without paying millions to Brussels and accepting EU rules.

Paging ‘Dave’ and George Osborne?!

We just agreed exactly that.

[17] Downbeat experts predicted the end of the UK’s tech sector. Brexit would hand the crown to the continent.

Instead, post-2016, the sector grew even faster and widened the cap between the U.K. and its European competitors.


[18] Has World War 3 started yet?

Might have missed it due to the NYE hangover.

[19] ‘Brexit will ruin the British food and drink sector.’

Tell that to Aldi who are removing EU producers and making a £3.5 billion investment in over 1000 local UK food and drink companies.


[20] Lunchtimes will never be the same again.

RIP to the BLT after Brexit.

I mean sure, it has been a staple of the British table since the 1700s, but apparently, we now need to be part of the EU to enjoy a ham sarnie.

[21] ‘European doctors will all leave and our NHS will collapse.’

The number of European doctors working in the UK has been declining since 2010, long before Brexit, but it actually went UP in the last 12 months.

Nurse! Remainers are telling fibs again!

[ Source: The Alliance of British Entrepreneurs ]



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