OK, Now For A Few Home Truths For Our New Prime Minister Boris.

Graham Charles Lear
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Before Brexit was even a word and leaving the EU was even thought possible I used to write articles on what was then called Global Warming, it's now reverted back to its original title after the Copenhagen climate conference where the sky dumped snow in an abundance on the streets of Copenhagen. Two weeks later we saw a subtle change in the fanatical Warmageddonist culture of how they perceived the world-changing. Global Warming suddenly became Climate Change again.

It's so much easier to explain to the masses that any change in the weather patterns is to do with something called Climate Change when the ice is growing in the North of the planet especially when you have explained that all the ice will have gone by 2013.

It's a fact that the UK is one of the most progressive countrys in the world where the environment is concerned. Our Nation was built on an industry where coal was used in abundance. My own City where I was born used coal to fire the many bottle kilns that adorned the skyline of Stoke-on-Trent. As such coal mines were part of Stoke-on-Trent industry. I grew up in one of the dirtiest cities not just in the UK but the whole of the world. Our mothers would do the weekly wash on a Monday morning in the summer and by the afternoon they would once more after rewash the white shirts and bedsheets which were speckled with black soot. Not only did we have the pottery industry but we also had a double whammy in the form of the Steel industry that used tons of coal. Our mothers and fathers who worked in all three used to die young from a lung disease called Pneumoconiosis.

In the early 1950s, the Government introduced The Clean Air Act 1956 it took a few years to be implemented throughout the country but by 1970 our industry across the country had got its act together. My own city became a far nicer place to both live and work as the pottery industry had by then introduced gas-fired kilns that were both efficient and cleaner.

The UK has over the last few years has done more for the planet than any country in the world. We all religiously sort out our rubbish each week, plastic in one bin or large box, cardboard in another, paper and our glass in another box, our leftover food goes into a closed box all is taken away to be recycled.

Our supermarkets have now done away with plastic bags although quite a bit more can be done with plastic wrapping, you certainly don't need a Swede wrapped in plastic and potatoes can be put in strong paper bags.

Our boilers that heat our homes are now brilliant at both heating our homes and saving us all money. Most of our homes now have double glazing with our lofts and walls well insulated. The cars that we drive are now both economic and planet-friendly. Never since the 1956 clean Air Act came into our British lives have we seen our nation cleaner.

Now you want to go even further and do away with our wonderful Gas boilers that heat our homes and heat our water along with taking away homeowners use of wood burners. Are you mad? Just who are you listening to?

Take a good look at Germany Boris

What's the point of the British doing away with traditional energy when one of our biggest rivals is digging up coal by the gigantic bucket load and is using it to power their industry and homes. That coal, by the way, is not your everyday clean coal it Lignite coal the worse of all fossil fuel coal. Its the dirtiest coal you could ever imagine.

Let me show you, Boris, what the Germans are doing and WHY they will continue to get ahead of us in the economy stakes.

Germany Boris use Coal as a primary source of energy and has done for years.

I have used the standard TPES (Total Primary Energy Supply) and KTOE (Kilo-Tons of Oil-Equivalent energy) as the recognised international measures, to provide readers with the comparisons below.

The UK barely uses coal, nor wood, for power

The world’s 5th-largest economy represents only 0.2% of the world’s use of coal as a primary energy source

Germany uses coal over 8 TIMES more than the UK, as a primary energy source.

The use of coal and wood by UK households is so small
it would not show up on any chart I could produce.

Germany’s chaotic energy policies

In 2011, Angela Merkel’s government made one of its knee-jerk reactions to a world event. That event was the nuclear accident in Japan, at Fukushima. Germany declared it would build 26 new coal-powered power stations and would move to the closure of all nuclear power production in Germany. The German Government’s current aim is to phase out electricity generation from nuclear power by the end of 2022.

Coal was already the largest source of electricity in Germany and this has continued. In 2018 coal-fuelled 40% of the country’s massive generation of electricity.

With the EU moving to carbon-neutral policies and the Paris accord of 2016 (which Mrs May signed up to), Germany’s energy policies were becoming increasingly untenable. Last year the Frau Merkel’s government announced a plan to close all 84 coal plants in the country by 2038.

Chancellor Merkel forced to suck on President Putin’s gas pipe

One consequence of the chaotic nature of Germany’s energy policies in recent years has been its need to increase its reliance on Russian gas.

This is a large and complex subject — one which is deeply worrying to the US administration and most commentators who have any knowledge of history and the Cold War — but it is not something we can go into here.

Damning international report on Germany’s energy policies

Unreported by the “climate-emergency-extinction-rebellion” BBC, the International Energy Agency published a special report on Germany on Wednesday last week.

As ever this report clearly had to be ‘whitewashed’ with some nice comments from the IEA, as it is part-funded with German federal funds, but some of its conclusions are stark.

Despite progress on lowering overall emissions, Germany is struggling to meet its near-term emissions reduction targets, in large part because of uneven progress across sectors. It faces notable challenges in transport and heating. Now, the government must refocus its efforts to achieve stronger emissions reductions in lagging sectors.”

“Planned nuclear and coal phase-outs are set to increase the country’s reliance on natural gas, making it increasingly important to continue efforts to diversify gas supply options, including through liquefied natural gas imports.”

The whole arena of climate change is one which attracts extreme views — most particularly from those on the mainstream side. I have tended to stay away from this debate for this reason for a while, having just wrote a few articles on climate change recently, and because for many years, it had little connection with Brexit, as gaining our freedom from the EU was far more important than writing about the industry of fanatical clowns that we are seeing. Young people might think all this is new, however, rest assured people like me and the person who first coined the word Warmageddonist Ian Thorp have seen all this hysteria before.

Now we have a new German EU Commission President, Ursula von der Leyen, with a top priority for the EU which has not even been agreed with voters of the 27 EU countries: “the European Green Deal”. She announced this in July last year, before her new EU Commission had even been appointed, and with no popular mandate from any of the 514 million people who were in the EU at that time.

But hey ho. Who needs democracy — or to be held accountable with facts — when you’re the EU?

So, Boris, me and Ian have seen all this before, many, many times so chuck those advisers you have advising you on Climate change OUT preferably out of the top window of Number ten and employ two olduns who know what it's all about

[ Sources: IEA data | IEA special report on Germany 19 Feb 2020 ]



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