Oh, Ode to Joy, yesterday the four main new EU Presidents held celebrations in Brussels.

Graham Charles Lear
4 min readDec 2, 2019

Let's all take look at the 10th anniversary of the EU taking power from the British people.

Yesterday at the “House of European History” in Brussels, four of the most important new EU Presidents celebrated the entry into force on 01 December 2009 of the Lisbon Treaty. This created the European Union as a legal entity. It also created much more besides, including the EU Commission.

None of these four EU Presidents celebrating yesterday was elected to their positions by popular mandate. Here is what the new EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said yesterday.

“Starting today, we are the guardians of the Treaties, the custodians of the Lisbon spirit.”

“Ten years ago, our predecessors were still discussing whether Europe should have a flag or an anthem. But in these ten years, millions of people have taken to the streets waving the European flag, our flag. And millions have been inspired and moved by the Ode to Joy, our European anthem.”

EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, Brussels, 01 Dec 2019

I would add this wonderfull anthem that has inspired so many European Union flag-wavers, notice I did not say the European flag? Why? Because Europe is not a political organisation, that this wonderful piece that they all worship was worshipped by the evilest people in Europe the Nazis and their leader. And since when has Europe had an anthem? Let us be honest Europe does not have an anthem. Each country in Europe has its own anthem just as they have their own flag.

In fact, neither the EU flag nor the EU anthem appears anywhere in the Lisbon Treaty. As with so many things EU, these have been ‘adopted’ by the EU but are not included in any Treaty. For information, the final version of the EU flag was designed by a Frenchman, the music was composed by a German, and the lyrics (“An die Freude”, or “To joy”) were written by another German. (And enjoyed by Hitler and his Nazi cohorts)

The Lisbon Treaty made the European Union into a legal entity for the first time

Only five countries were given a referendum on this — and it was rejected by the people in three out of the five

The British people were promised a referendum, but it was cancelled by the Labour government

Lisbon gave the EU the power to sign international treaties, binding the United Kingdom

It established a de facto EU Foreign and Defence Secretary, called “the High Representative”

It gave the EU “exclusive competence” over many areas, including:

A Common Commercial Policy — setting high tariffs on imported goods

The running of the Customs Union

The running of the Single Market

The EU’s use of British waters, under the Common Fisheries Policy

The Lisbon Treaty also made the EU’s Charter of Fundamental Rights legally binding

Critically, and this is important the Lisbon Treaty removed the UK’s national veto in over 40 key areas of policy. This was replaced with the principle of majority voting, known as QMV.

A few varied examples of areas of EU action where the UK’s veto was removed:-

Asylum and immigration


EU budget

European Court of Justice






Who in the British government approved all of this?

At the time of the signing of this Treaty in 2007, (it took two years to ratify), Labour’s Gordon Brown was Prime Minister.

The British people had been promised a referendum. This never happened. At the debate in Parliament on the Treaty, Mr Brown was not even present.

At the signing ceremony of all the EU national leaders, Mr Brown was again absent. The then Foreign Secretary David Milliband provisionally signed, for appearance’s sake. Mr Brown turned up several hours later and signed the Treaty quietly in a side room.

David Milliband signed first, leaving room to the left for PM Gordon Brown to sign later in private

The Lisbon Treaty was a major event in the development of the EU superstate. As readers can see, the tenth anniversary of it coming into force was celebrated yesterday by four of the EU’s many new Presidents.

This Treaty was yet another in a long line of treaties which transferred sovereignty from the Crown and the British people to the technocrats of the extremist Euro-federalist machine in Brussels.

This is not a matter of debate for Remainer MPs, it is a fact. It’s all there in black and white if they care to read the Treaty that so many of them voted for twelve years ago, and which entered into force on 01 December 2009.

Labour PMs Tony Blair and then Gordon Brown both promised a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty. As so often, their manifesto promises were broken and the British people were denied their say.

In 2016 the people were finally given their say, thanks to the electoral threat of UKIP. Despite a simply astonishing effort by the Establishment, including outright lies from Government ministers, the people voted to leave the autocratic European Union and regain control, as an independent country again.

It is scarcely credible in my and quite a few others opinion that here we are, three and a half years later, with the majority of political parties campaigning to overturn the largest democratic vote in British history.

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