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Graham Charles Lear
4 min readJan 4, 2019


We the UK joined the world’s only declining trade block. It’s like tying ourselves to a corpse. Put it another way, the EU has become what the UK was before we joined the Common Market back in the 70s the sick man of Europe. Except now the EU is the sick man of the world.

Every continent whether you like it or not is outgrowing the EU economically, think of the growth rate in China, then take a look at the growth rate in the EU. That should tell every single person be you a Remainer or a leaver that we are in the wrong place.

If you live in any of the EU countrys the EU regulations which are actually laws stifle everyone and that includes the UK

We actually don’t know how the EU has stifled the UK with its regulations, because we have grown so used to all those regulations. Regulation is the enemy of competition it stifles us because the competition is the engine of growth. The EU has become a world-class basket case in that regard.

Later I will show you some of those laws that all EU countries have to abide by

The EU wants to achieve growth by harmonization, top-down control, and central direction and we know those don’t work. We Brits are great innovators and the EU stops us doing that by controlling us.

The EU growth is slowly grinding to a halt the unemployment rate in it is terrible. There far too many laws and regulations and if you are insulated from competition like the EU is then competition when it arrives which it is doing it comes as a great shock.

Let's take a look at some of the laws that the EU have brought in. You will agree when you see them that they are over the top and crazy.

We all start our day with breakfast, they say its the most important meal of the day, Many of us rush breakfast we shower or bathe rush downstairs and pop a piece of bread in the toaster and gobble it down. However, that piece of bread you have just toasted has 1240 laws regarding the making of the bread along with selling it to customers.

Now the toaster you have toasted that piece of bread has 52 EU laws Each part will have a law then there are laws regarding selling it.

Milk has12,000 EU laws

Fridge 84 EU laws

Next time you go into your bathroom take a look what's in it. Toothbrush thas 31 laws and the toothpaste has 47 EU laws, Mirror has 172 EU laws.

How about the bedroom? Bedsheets have 50 EU laws.

Alarm clock along with your wallet or purse and perhaps the odd sweet you have next to the bed you sleep in has around 400 EU

Pillow has 101 EU laws, the pillowcase has just 5 EU laws

There are many many more everyday items that we all use that have just as many EU laws.

Now just for a moment imagine you are someone like Dyson who manufacturers everyday items that we all use or even like Dyson invents items that we use.

Before you can start to manufacture something you first have to look at the laws regarding the items, you then have to include the cost of not leaving one single law out of it, for that you need to employ a lawyer who will have to scrutinize the laws if you are a large manufacturer you will in all probability have to employ more than one, not only that you will have to directly employ them because in the never-ending flux of the EU they more than likely to add even more EU laws so you have to make sure you don't fall foul.

And you wonder why that Fridge or Freezer, Hoover, Camera, Car, Bike that you buy from not just the EU countrys but from outside the EU are expensive. Because remember if you are making something in Australia and want to sell it in one of the EU countrys it has to comply with YES you guessed it EU regulations which are fair enough as we if we are selling goods to countries outside the EU we have to comply with their laws. We have seen how many laws they have to comply with just a few items I have shown. Is it any wonder when we visit countrys like America we take a spare suitcase with us and bring it back full of cheap goods that we try to get past customs.

I know on a recent visit to America my camera broke so I brought one over there for half the price it was in any EU country.

In fact to give you some idea how many Laws the EU has foisted on everyone that affects our everyday life. if they put them into one document the document would reach as high as Nelsons Colum.



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