More lies and duplicity from the EU.

Graham Charles Lear
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New EU Commission President mocks UK Prime Minister

On Tuesday the new German President of the EU Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, addressed the EU Parliament during its once-a-month, highly-expensive relocation to Strasbourg. Her subject was “the Commission’s proposal for a mandate for the negotiation of a new partnership with the United Kingdom”.

In her speech, Frau von der Leyen faintly mocked the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, for having spoken about the possibility of doing business with the EU on the Australian model if the EU won’t do a sensible trade deal. In doing so she exposed a typical example of the EU’s own propaganda model. In other words how to lie to the world and try and get away it.

The unelected EU Commission President’s false claim

And honestly, I was a little bit surprised to hear the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom speak about the Australian model. Australia, without any doubt, is a strong and a like-minded partner. But the European Union does not have a trade agreement with Australia. We are currently trading on WTO terms.”

EU Commission President addressing EU Parliament, Strasbourg, 11 Feb 2020

The Prime Minister did not, in fact, say that the EU has a trade deal with Australia. Here is what he actually said:

The question is whether we agree a trading relationship with the EU comparable to Canada’s — or more like Australia’s.”

A major speech by Boris Johnson, Greenwich, London, 03 Feb 2020

Readers will note that the PM referred to a trading relationship, not a trade agreement.

What Frau von der Leyen’s own EU Commission website says about EU-Australian trade

So far the EU and Australia have been conducting their trade and economic relations under the 2008 EU-Australian Partnership Framework. This aims to facilitate trade in industrial products between the EU and Australia by reducing technical barriers and improve trade in services and investment.”

- EU Commission website, accessed 12 Feb 2020

Readers will note the clear implication that the EU already has a form of a trade deal with Australia. (It doesn’t.)

The EU’s lies did not stop there

Frau von der Leyen ended her speech on what she probably felt was a positive note.

“Thank you very much for your attention. I just wanted to inform you that the Task Force is ready to start the negotiations. We are all set.”

For the record, the EU is NOT ready to start trade negotiations with the UK. The unelected bureaucrats of the EU Commission have only just issued their proposals for the objectives of the negotiations. These have to be approved by the EU Parliament and — crucially — by the EU Council. The ‘Task Force’ is not ready until it has approval, and it does not have that approval.

The UK Government is ready. The EU is not.

Why did I even bother to research and publish this article?

Well, this is so typical of the insidious, soul-destroying, daily diet of EU misinformation and propaganda which the EU gives out to the world.

On the one hand, we have the new German EU Commission President (unelected by any popular mandate) mocking the United Kingdom’s Prime Minister (elected to the United Kingdom Parliament). And in doing so she had to misrepresent what Boris Johnson actually said.

On the other hand, we have the EU Commission’s own website, which clearly implies there is already a trade deal of sorts between the EU and Australia.

I suggest this is yet another clear example of the EU’s duplicitous use of basic facts. In Strasbourg, where Frau von der Leyen was making her speech to the EU Parliament on Tuesday, they might describe this as “avoir le beurre et l’argent du beurre” [trans: “to have the butter and the money from selling it too”].

In English, we all would simply describe this as the EU trying to have its cake and eat it.

Almost four years on, and the EU still isn’t ready

I predicted many weeks ago that the EU would not be ready to sit down and start negotiating a trading arrangement until the beginning of March. I stand by that prediction.

Four years ago (and many times since) I predicted that the EU would never agree a normal, sensible free trade deal with the UK. I stand by that prediction too.

I genuinely hope that the PM has some people in his negotiating team who understand the mentality of the people they will be dealing with. If they are expecting logic, reason, and accountability, they will be sorely disappointed.

I am afraid this article gives a foretaste of the kind of nonsense we can all expect from the EU this year. Buckle up it's going to be one hell of a ride

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