Major German politician lambasts Chancellor Merkel and the EU

Graham Charles Lear
2 min readMar 30, 2019

Dr Alice Weidel, head of the AfD opposition party in Germany, speaks up for Brexit.

This probably something everyone missed. Last week in the Bundestag, (the German Parliament), the leader of the Alternative für Deutschland party made a magnificent speech, lambasting Chancellor Merkel and saying that the UK should be supported.

Here are just a few things she had to say.

“Due to your negligence and your failure to help out the UK, our historically good relationship is being threatened.”

“And now we’re counting the cost. €15 billion euros will soon be missing from the EU budget as a result.”

“The UK is the second biggest economy in the EU, as big as 19 other countries combined. From an economic perspective, the EU is shrinking not to 27, but to 9 states.”

Here is the Vidio of her lambasting both Merkel and the EU.

This is a simple and entirely logical speech from the leader of Germany’s growing ‘populist’ party. It was made in the Bundestag. It is not racist or xenophobic. It includes several important points and shows that the EU point of view which is constantly portrayed on the BBC is not the only voice in town.

Time to rise up and shut the EU down for good and continue to be friends with any country in Europe that wants to be friends with us.



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