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2 min readJul 8, 2021


It would not have been any diferant

There are children of the present Queen who have had kids and get no protection what so ever unless they perform a Royal duty now and again. Prince Andrew has two girls. They work outside the Royal Family and are not protected, Princes Ann's children and Prince Edwards dont get it either.

WE British tax payers pay for the protection but only if they perform Royal duty's, Why should anyone pay for someone who no longer works for the Royal Family? Its their choice to throw a wobbly because they cant get their own way.

None of this is about racisem as this author along with others are making out. We all took her into our hearts, even the press. That racist family as the author puts it took her in and loved her. Our Queen went out of her way knowing that as an American she would be out of her depth ,to ask one of her trusted aids to stay on and show her the ropes and tutor her into the protocols that come with being a Royal.

She fell out with her own father, so her soon to be father in law stepped in to give her away. That is unprecedented in the Royal family, yet there was the next king walking with her arm in arm with a smile as bright as the sun, proud to do it.

Its quite telling that only one person from her own family came to the wedding, its also quite telling that she invited people she has worked with and quite a few that she did not even know, I am talking about George Clooney who has admitted that he did not know hew and had only heard of her because she was getting married to Harry. Its also telling that most of those that she did know have now lost contact with her.

And dont get me started on the blatant lies she tells on that Oprah show along with her husband which are easily disproved, if anyone had the gumption to look into it all.

This is a woman with very few real friends, who uses and abuses them so much that they say enough is enough I am out of here .

This has never ever been about racisem, its about how a devious woman can manipulate people like this author to write articles and make it seem that she is a woman scorned by what she perceives as a racist Royal family because she was asked to follow a few rules by them rules she did not understand and what she was never going to understand.

You can read their outright lies and how its was quite easy to show them as lies here



Graham Charles Lear

What is life without a little controversy in it? Quite boring and sterile would be my answer.