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Graham Charles Lear
4 min readOct 10, 2020

Perfectly said by a friend! Had to share:

I’ve had something on my mind for weeks now. They are saying Donald Trump did a terrible job handling the pandemic. Donald Trump did everything he was told to do by our government and the scientists who told him to do it and I can’t help but wonder if he wasn’t set up by our own country at the sake of the American people’s health and lives.

Let’s look back… in December we found out that something was going on in China. We tried to get in to find out what was really happening and they wouldn’t let us in.

In January, trump closed down travel from China and was called a xenophobe, by our own government and the citizens of our country.

At the beginning of February, he closed down borders from Europe and again was called racists. Also in February, Nancy Pelosi said Trump was an idiot and told everyone not to listen to him and to go to the Chinese New Year parade.

Also in February, Deblasio told everyone not to listen to trump and to “go to the movies”. “Go out to dinner”. So while Trump is trying to stop the spread of the virus, these two idiots alone, are telling everyone to ignore the direction of the president of the United States and go about your business.

This could have very well been the beginning of the superspreaders across our country. Come March, when Trump has to close the country down, after the best economy the country has ever seen, Fauci stood at the podium and told the American people they did not have to wear a mask. He said that. Not Donald Trump. That could have very well easily exacerbated the spread as I’m certain it did.

As everyone is now on this kick about how Donald Trump knew how bad this was and didn’t tell the American people, Trump was at a press conference every single day telling the American people that we were fighting “an invisible enemy” and that there was a potential loss of life up to 200,000 people. He wanted everyone to stay home. During our “house arrest”, Cuomo and Deblasio decided to let all of the criminals out of the jails.

Then Cuomo sent sick people into nursing homes killing over 5000 of our elderly.

Even though Donald Trump sent a hospital ship and our army to set up a hospital at the Javits centre. Neither one ever used.

As they died, we were not allowed to pay our respects, however, a man who was killed in Detroit, I’m not saying he should have died, got treated with a gold casket and thousands of visitors and had three funerals, in which, heads of our own government attended, even though we were told no funerals, he had three, with thousands of people. That could have been another super spread.

Also during this time, all elective surgeries were cancelled but not for government officials who looked pretty damned good at those funerals.

After that, came the riots. As we were still being told to lock down, rioters were not only allowed to go out and riot, we were told to let them. “They needed to get out their aggressions.” Another super spread. No church, no temple, no businesses opened, killing the income of millions. And of course, all of this is affecting our economy while rioters and protesters were allowed to go out and destroy our country.

Come May, Fauci decides to fess up and tell us that he said he didn’t want everyone wearing masks because they needed them for the “front-liners”. Well here’s a news flash, if the “back liners” were wearing masks, we wouldn’t have needed the “front-liners” but what do I know?

In June, July, and August while we are still in lockdown, our country is under siege by a terrorist organization and our governors do nothing about it while our president is waiting for them to ask for help. All the while laughing at him because his hands are tied, and all of this, all of this risking the safety and well-being of our country and the good citizens that live here, trying to make sense of it all.

None of it made sense. You can hate Donald Trump all you like. That’s your right. But as pence said, you’re entitled to your opinion, but you are not entitled to make up your own facts.

The fact of the matter is that Donald Trump listened to the scientists who told him to lockdown, destroying our economy, who told him we didn’t have to wear masks, infecting and killing hundreds of thousands of people all while our government was telling us not to listen to Donald Trump.

I don’t love the guy but I can’t stand it when people lie and rewrite history. It seems to me, the man was set up so he could lose the election, all at our expense. Ask yourself why every single media outlet is trying to brainwash you.

The story changes every single day. It’s like being in an abusive relationship and thinking you’re losing your mind because they keep changing the narrative on us. It all happened exactly as I laid it out for you. If these people get into office, we’re in big trouble as a people and as a nation of people who believe in freedom. We’re already a socialist country, how soon will we be a communist country? I hope you all vote with the facts and what you witnessed, not what the media told you. God bless America.



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