Isle of Wight parents to sue over boy wearing dress to school

Graham Charles Lear
4 min readSep 11, 2017

I just wonder sometimes where we are all going in this modern age and transgender children.

When a six year old boy comes to school wearing a dress we have to begin asking questions, because that child, that boy at that age just does not have the capacity in his own brain or mind if you like to even question or know his or her identity.

They are more concerned in watching their favorite children's programs or playing games with their friends. So who is putting these ideas in their heads.

I am 68 years of age, like all of us reading this I have been a child, many of us have brought up our own kids and many more now have grand kids so all of us have many years of experience where kids are concerned. I look back at my own children who when at the age of six never mentioned their gender and having talked to them recently about this topic it seems none of their many friends did either.

My own grandchildren who are 4 and 7 years of age dont even know about this topic either, the 7 year old who is bright as a button just looked at me as if I was some sort of idiot when I broached the subject and just gave me a funny look.

So what is going on, suddenly we are being inundated with boys wanting to be girls and I suppose girls wanting to be boys although I have to say we dont hear of many girls wanting to be boys do we. Mostly its boys wanting to be girls. SO WHAT IS GOING ON?

Well here is my little story which is 60 years old that may or may not shed some light on the matte.

I had a friend when I was 8 years old, a boy that suddenly started to wear dresses in the summer six week holidays we had. I had known him since we were five years old, he along with myself used to play with a group of other children on a large housing estate. We had all known each other since our parents had moved there.

Suddenly one day out he came in his dress. boys been boys and girls been girls just took the mick out of him. None of us could understand why he was wearing a dress. After a while one of the girls asked him why he wearing this dress which in her words said looked you look right idiot.

His reply to us surprised us all. It turned out that his mother the moment his father went out to work dressed him in girls clothes and it had been happening for years. We found out later much later that this had been going on since he was a baby and the only reason that we now saw him in this dress was the fact that his mother after dressing him in this dress we saw him in suddenly felt ill and went back to bed and he had sneaked out to play with his mates.

Of cause at the dinner table that night I told my mother and father at whatv had happened as did most of my friends to theirs. What happened next was that a few parents got together and went to see the family concerned.

The father was gobsmacked at what had been going on and had no idea that his wife had been doing this. It turned out that the mother had wanted a girl and being in the 50s there was no scams to see what was coming and she was heartbroken when a child with a Penis came a long. To say she had issues is an understatement.

However her issues had far reaching consequences for all the family. After a couple of years the father who tried his best to cope with these issues left the family home. That then gave the mother free reign to dress her son in dresses all the time. The only time we never saw him in a dress was when he was at school.

He began to talk effeminate his toys were all girl toys. However as he grew older he was not interested in boys he was far more interested in girls and wanted a normal boy girl relationship. Yet because he was now like he was no girl would even talk to him, not even the girls he had grown up with.

At the age of 15 just short of his 16th birthday after coming home from work his mother found him hanging from the top banister. In his room was his suicide letter which stated that he hated his life, and his mother for making him what he was. A sad ending for a very sad boy.

I just wonder how many more mothers out there who are just like his mother. Because at that age a child does not know what is going on in their lives never mind what Gender they are.



Graham Charles Lear

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