Is this proof that France does not want to stop Migrants on their Northern shores from reaching the UK and are also helping them?

Graham Charles Lear
3 min readNov 27, 2021


How can the EU discuss the Channel migrant crisis without the UK?

EU Commission and Home Secretaries of northern EU countries meet in Calais tomorrow, without Priti the British Home Secretary.

If the French and the EU won’t even discuss solutions with the UK, what does this say about them?

Tomorrow, Sunday 28 Nov 2021, the ‘Ministers of the Interior’ (Home Secretaries) of France, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Germany will convene in Calais for an emergency meeting with EU Commission officials to discuss the Channel crossing crisis. They will do so without the presence of the UK Home Secretary.

This meeting has been provoked by the tragic loss of life on Wednesday, when at least 27 illegal migrants lost their lives in French waters attempting to cross the Channel from the safe country of France to the equally safe country of the United Kingdom.

I would like to ask a question.

Is this credible to the World?

There is a great deal that can be written about the transit of tens of thousands of illegal migrants from French shores to the UK, in perilous conditions.

What must scarcely be credible to the rest of the World is that an EU meeting is taking place tomorrow to discuss an urgent humanitarian crisis, without the presence of a representative of one of the two countries involved.

I would like to ask a second question.

When does a French fit of pique become an international outrage?

The World has already witnessed ‘la Belle France’ acting like a primadonna, after the French government’s over-reaction to Australia’s decision to form the ‘AUKUS’ pact with the United Kingdom and the United States. Australia cancelled its plans to buy French submarines in what the French government had previously labelled “the contract of the century”. Instead, they chose to ally with Brexit Britain and the USA.

The latest fit of French pique makes this pale into insignificance. Yesterday the government of Monsieur Emmanuel Macron — a President up for re-election in just over four months’ time — went into overdrive.

It seems that a perfectly reasonable letter written by the UK Prime

Minister to the French President ruffled the feathers of the French ‘coq’. Following the tragedy in the English Channel, Boris Johnson sent the letter shown below.

What is already clear is that the politicisation of France’s inability to control its own borders, and its President’s need to shore up electoral support ahead of his re-election attempt next year, is impacting and preventing pragmatic solutions to a situation that should transcend politics.

We often see these people crossing the channel in their boats, its in the news every day what we dont see often are the French police watching them and doing nothing like in the photo below

So I have to ask one more question.

Why would a French President when a British Prime Minister says he is willing to collaborate with joint patrols of French Gendarmes and British Border Force or the deployment of private security contractors to help stop this maddnes suddenly have a fit of pique and use a a tweet that the PM used to explain to the British public what he had asked the French President to do to stop the British Home Secretary from attending the summit

There can only be one answer.

Both the EU and France are using the Migrants as a weapon against the UK.

Is this acceptable to the world? I think NOT.



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