Is the former DEFRA Secretary telling porkie pies to cater to the Big Agriculture lobby?

Farmers beef about the Aussie trade deal, but the EU sells us 150,000 tons/yr with no tariffs. How does that help our farmers?

The UK already imports massive quantities of beef from the EU — why not buy from Australia instead?

  1. UK farmers could only supply 70% of the UK consumer’s appetite for beef in 2021
  1. In 2021 the EU sold us over 150,000 tons of fresh and frozen beef products
  • On top of the above, the EU sent us 9,274 tons of their live cattle for slaughter in the UK
  • EU beef exports to the UK: € 915,894,288
  • UK beef exports to EU: € 248,440,269

What the former DEFRA Secretary said — and the simple answer to his claims.

  • The Rt Hon George Eustice MP, House of Commons, Mon 14 Nov 2022



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