I love Facts Especially When They Come From The EU About EU Citizenship And Brits.

Graham Charles Lear
5 min readApr 22, 2022

Partygate is all about getting rid of a Pro British Prime Minister so that Pro EU British politicians can take the UK back into it.

As I have been warning since the beginning of February and as Lord Adonis Chairman of the European Movement, confirmed yesterday, get rid of Boris Johnson and we are on track to Debrexit.

I know I keep on about this, however, it's important to know that what we are all seeing is down to men in grey suits especially Adonis who has never been elected to serve this great country of ours, as are well past their sell-by date ex-politicians who always wanted the role of Prime Minister but was rejected by his peers, along with the a leader of the Her Majesty’s Opposition who also coverts the role of a PM who is also pro-EU and would take us back in at the drop of a hat.

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It's always important to see the small and never talked about details, like what is the state of British people who have taken the opportunity to become EU citizens something that was open to us all and something that Remainers/Rejoiners would have us believe there are many off.

So with that in mind, let's take a look at how many Remainers took up that offer. There have to be millions right? After all, it was open to all Brits

Only 2 in 10,000 Brits chose EU citizenship in Brexit year of 2020, says EU

Out of over 729,000 new EU citizens in 2020, only 2% were British

In the UK 99.98% of British people were happy to stay British

Latest official EU figures for 2020: Out of a total UK population of 67,081,000, only 15,954 British citizens (0.02%) decided to opt for citizenship of an EU27 country. This represents only 2 out of every 10,000 Brits.

Helpful note

To avoid any confusion in similar sounding numbers below:-

  1. Only 0.02% of the British population in 2020 chose to become EU citizens

2. Only 2% of the EU population has British nationality

More than four times as many Moroccans than British people applied for and received EU27 citizenship in the same year. And Morocco’s population is almost half that of the UK.

I have analysed the latest figures from the EU’s official statistics agency, in the light of the claims from the Remain campaign that large numbers of British citizens would reject the UK if the majority voted for Brexit. The results of my analysis put the Remainers’ claims into context and show the true figures. And they cant quible as all data comes from the EU itself.

Recipients of an EU27 citizenship in 2020 — the year of Brexit

  • Only 2 in every 10,000 British citizens (0.02%) opted for citizenship of an EU27 country
  • In total only 15,954 Brits became citizens of the European Union
  • In total, EU27 member countries granted citizenship to 729,013 people from all countries
  • British people comprised just 2% of these
  • The remainder were mostly Moroccans, Syrians, Albanians, Brazilians, Turkish, Ukrainians, and Indians

Here is where the Brits chose their new citizenship
(Top 10 choices)

Germany 4,500

France 3,146

Swedon 2,551

Netherlands 1,371

Ireland 945

Belgium 868

Switzerland 729. And Switzerland is not in the EU.

Denmark 692

Cyprus 602

Spain 394

Yes, citizenships are only part of the story of Brexit, but they are at least an indicator. The fact that so few British people felt like actually changing their citizenship (rather than just talking about it) in the year of Brexit tells a story in and of itself.

Let’s not forget that by 2020 — the year for which the EU has just released the latest citizenship data — people had three years in which to make up their minds and pack their bags. Yet tiny numbers of the doom-mongers of the Remainer-Rejoiner movement decided to depart for the Brussels mothership.

In the case of most British people already resident in EU countries, there was of course no need to renounce their citizenship in order to continue as legal residents in their EU country of choice. That said, if these people are so enamoured of the EU in preference to their country of birth, one might have expected a few more of them to have done so.

The myth of free movement for the British people

It must also be remembered that there are far fewer UK citizens resident in EU27 countries than EU27 citizens resident in the UK, as we I have shown in many reports. The EU benefited far more from free movement — by a factor of 6 to 1 — than did the UK.

In a forthcoming report l will be presenting the official data on EU27 citizens in the UK, compared to UK citizens in the EU.

I continue to believe that facts like ones which I have shown above — from official EU sources — are important because if the EU is so good for us, why is it only 15,954 Brits became citizens of the European Union,when we officialy left.

If fighting for sovereignty and freedom is important to you…

There is a continued and concerted campaign to take the UK back into the European Union and it is essential to take these people on. At the same time we have large numbers of senior civil servants seemingly intent on preventing laws in the UK diverging from those in the EU, thereby making rejoining much easier.

As I have shown the European Movement is behind all of this.

The Movement has Tory MPs who never wanted the UK to leave the EU who are working dammed hard to get rid of the PM, helped of caurse by every Opposition MP and leader who have always been against leaving the EU.

Sources: EU Commission statistics agency | UK Home Office



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