Graham Charles Lear
2 min readOct 11, 2021


I have never seen as much dross as I have seen in this article. You need to research more like I do before writing.

You blame Brexit for the shortage of drivers.

What absolute drivel and tosh. You forget that the EU27 have 400,000 drivers short, where just the littles amount of research would show that Poland with just a 38, million population has the same amount as we do 100,000. Is that down to Brexit ?

In 2018 Germany had a shortage of 48,000 drivers and they estimated it was going to get worse with 25,000 less each year there after. That make the German shortage well over 100,000, was that down to Brexit?

You then go on to say there are supermarket shelve empty. I went out at the weekend to my supermarket and actualy took photos of these empty shelves you say there are. I could not find one and toy can see the full shelves on my Facebook page.

Now lets take a look at the Pig dilemma. Again you have not done any actual research . If you had you would have seen that again Germany is having to cull pigs and its all to do with Labour thats gone home. First the Irish and Polish that they had slaughtering the pigs, that went home during the Pandemic, then the remaining Romanians who went home and have not come back. Is that because of Brexit? Get it right as well Butchers carve up the meat, into joints and pieces of meat that they can sell to the public. They DO NOT slaughter the animals.

What are you some kind of child that does not know the difference between a slaughter-man or woman and a butcher? GET IT RIGHT IN FUTOR

To take it one step further and to prove without a doubt that its not Brexit. I took a look at the US after a friend sent me a photo of three rib eye steaks that one supermarket was selling. It was $70 for those three rib eye steak. a bottle of Bleach over $4 and fuel $3 a gallon something they have never seen. along with saying we are now seeing empty shelves. Is that down to Brexit as well?

I again researched and found that they as well are short of drivers and have even tried to get them to come from South Africa. as well as there being a shortage of workers in warehouses due to the pandemic.

How dare you say that natives dont seem interested in care work as well long before we had the referendum a few of my older relatives had to go in diferant homes. When I visited them the care people were British with just one Polish care worker in one of them

HOW DARE YOU tell such untruths how dare you write without first researching the matter fully

Truth matters

As you can see I am apoplectic that some one can write such drivel and pass it off as the truth



Graham Charles Lear

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