Humza Yousaf trawls Brussels for support for an ‘independent’ Scotland to rejoin the EU

Graham Charles Lear
5 min readJun 29, 2023

Scottish independence leader goes to Brussels seeking to become an EU colony

This week the SNP’s new leader, Humza Yousaf, is in the EU’s capital selling the case for Scotland to jump the queue of poor countries wishing to join the European Union. He does so on the basis that an independent Scotland would be ‘re-joining’, rather than starting from scratch. That is how thick and stupid Yousaf is.

This is a two-part article

I start with the bizarre logic of wanting to gain independence and then lose it

How can you want independence from the UK and plunge into an absence of independence in the EU?

The SNP’s main raison d’etre is wanting Scotland to be an independent country. Specifically, they seek independence from the rest of the United Kingdom — England in particular. All Brexiteers understand the desire for independence. After all, it’s why the United Kingdom as a whole voted to leave the EU back in 2016.

The issue that I, we genuinely do not understand — and have never seen any answer to — is why you would seek to be an independent country whilst at the same time immediately wanting to give up that independence to a foreign power. In joining the EU (see Part Two for Scotland’s chances) any country must give up its independence on so many levels it might as well be called a colony.

The only answer I have been able to come up with is ‘hatred of the English’. If the SNP wish Scotland to be governed from Brussels, under foreign laws and a foreign legal system, then I can think of no other explanation.

Scotland has its own headquarters in Brussels — did you know?

Yousaf has been giving interviews in the Scottish Government’s own headquarters in Brussels, called Scotland House, situated in the ‘European Quarter’ in Brussels. It is luxurious, with a conference centre, hot desking, chill-out areas, and the rest.

Is there an ‘England House’, or a ‘Wales House’, or a ‘Northern Ireland House’? No. The rest of the UK has the ‘UK National Parliament Office’ staffed by two individuals and the British Embassy. I have not been able to establish the cost of the SNP government’s opulent premises, but in Brussels, nothing comes cheap. Perhaps that's where the £600,000 has gone, perhaps Police Scotland may wish to take a look at that enterprise

Readers may wish to view some of the SNP government’s facilities below.

In Part Two of this report, I will be revealing a lot more about the size of Scotland’s operations in Brussels. I believe the facts will shock many readers — especially if they are Scottish.

In interviews, Yousaf said, “We would have had [a second Independence referendum] yesterday.” Unfortunately for him, the UK Supreme Court put any hopes of that to bed in a judgement late last year, when Nicola Sturgeon was still in charge.

This brings us all nicely to Nicola Sturgeon, her husband, arrests, and a £100k+ motorhome

It seems the Scottish public was happy to continue voting for the SNP, despite various scandals such as the ferry going nowhere at increasing costs, the dramatic fall in the quality of Scottish education, the dire performance of the health service, the unexplained disappearance of £600,000 of publicly-donated money, and other failures. In addition, Scotland now has the distinction of being the drugs death capital of Europe.

This becomes relevant in the EU context because for any country to have any chance of joining the EU these days they must pass stringent tests on all manner of things, including the probity of its government.

With Nicola Sturgeon and her husband (Chairman of the party, now gone) having been arrested — and albeit later released without charge for the time being — the EU Commission is unlikely to look favourably on the state of Scottish governance.

Police enquiries are apparently still ongoing. Perhaps Ms Sturgeon and her husband had been thinking of decamping to Brussels in their luxurious £100,000+ motorhome which the police took away.

The referendum question

On 18 September 2014, a referendum on Scottish independence took place. The question on the ballot paper was: “Should Scotland be an independent country?” This was a simple yes/no question and the voters of Scotland answered “No”.

The “No” side won with 2,001,926 (55.3%) against and only 1,617,989 (44.7%) voting in favour. The 84.6% turnout was the highest recorded in Scotland for more than 100 years.

Campaign for independence by all means — I did, for the whole of the United Kingdom — but the sheer illogicality of the SNP’s position is beyond me.

How can you possibly campaign for independence whilst at the same time saying you will give that up to a foreign empire and be happy to be subservient to its rules, regulations, directives, and laws?

There are many other issues to cover, such as the need for a hard border between England and Scotland. Given what I have already cited above, though, it is hard to see how Scotland could possibly rejoin the EU if it were ever to become independent.

In short, Scotland needs to get its own house in order before it can have any thought of rejoining the EU, so Mr Yousaf’s visit to Brussels this week looks like a waste of time. In Part Two I will cover the other issues and will reveal the full extent of the Scottish government’s extraordinary presence in Brussels, at ‘Scotland House’. You do NOT want to miss this.

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