Guess What. If You Live In The EU You Are 2.5 Times More Likely To Die From Covid than If You Live In The UK.

Graham Charles Lear
3 min readJul 8, 2021


Yet the EU President ignores Covid and focuses on LGBTQi rights, in a speech to EU Parliament.

EU continues to be a Covid disaster zone, so Frau von der Leyen deflects with an attack on Hungary

Average daily deaths ‘with Covid’ per million people, 03 July 2021
Below is the 7-day rolling average

  • United Kingdom: 0.25 deaths per million
  • EU27 countries: 0.63 deaths per million (2.5 times higher)

Percentage of the population fully vaccinated
As of 05 July 2021

  • United Kingdom: 50%
  • EU27 countries: 36%

Yesterday, ignoring Covid completely, EU Commission President von der Leyen told the EU Parliament:-

“No item on the agenda was as important as our debate on a topic that goes to the core of who we are: Our values. Heads of State and Government had a very personal and emotional discussion about the new Hungarian law.”

Yesterday in Strasbourg the EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen spoke to the plenary session of the EU Parliament about the conclusions of the European Council meeting of 24–25 June 2021, where the leaders of the EU27 countries discussed the issues most important to them.

Covid? What’s that?

Frau von der Leyen’s entire speech was given over to the EU’s “values” and specifically to Hungary’s new law on TV shows for children not containing content promoting gay, lesbian and transgender lifestyles. (Hungary’s law is more complex than this, but I have to summarise.)

Meanwhile the issue at the forefront of everyone’s minds across Europe — the Covid crisis — never once passed Frau von der Leyen’s lips. A speech in Strasbourg by the EU Commission President is ‘an event, so this was a significant omission.

The threats against Hungary

Here is what the EU Commission President said about Hungary:

“If Hungary does not remedy this situation, the Commission will make use of its powers as guardian of the Treaties. … Since the beginning of my mandate, we have launched around 40 infringement cases linked to the protection of the rule of law and of other Union values laid down in Article 2 of the Treaty. And if needed, there will be more cases to come.”

She went on to talk about ‘conditionality’ — the idea that EU monies could be withheld from member states whose national policies the EU Commission does not like. In this case, her speech was aimed at Hungary.

“Measures must be taken, if it is established that breaches of the rule of law in Member States affect or seriously risk affecting the sound financial management of the Union budget or the financial interests of the European Union.”

Note for readers unsure what the “LGBTQI” in Frau von der Leyen’s speech means, it stands for “lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, or intersex”.

Until last year, the area of health management was not a ‘competence’ of the EU — individual member governments managed this themselves. With the arrival of Covid, however, the EU Commission urged an EU-wide response, run exclusively by the bureaucrats in Brussels, and they were successful in taking over the response to Covid, thereby expanding their reach into an area from which they had been excluded.

The EU Commission’s handling of the approvals and sourcing of vaccines in the last year has proved to be a disaster. Conversely, the United Kingdom went it alone (despite the Remainer prophets once again predicting doom) and has consistently outperformed the EU to an embarrassing degree.

This continues to this day. Imagine if the UK’s death rate with Covid were 2.5 times that of the EU

Can you imagine the daily reports on the BBC about this? The incessant pronouncements of “we told you so” by the unreconstructed Remainers such as (Lord) Andrew Adonis and others?

This is why I publish information like that above.



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