Gas shortage: heating will become a luxury in Germany this coming winter Along with medical supplies.

Graham Charles Lear
4 min readJul 31, 2022

You will not see this on the BBC, ITV, or SKY. No EU Rejoiner will show you or even mention it .

Adonis, Heseltine, Major Blair, Starmer, and Davis, all rabid EU Rejoiners all know about it. Starmer and Lammy were in Germany just over a week ago talking to German officials so would have seen it first-hand. Yet NOT ONE WORD from them

They all want you to think everything is fine.

It's not, it's anything but fine. From a shortage of medicines to absolute chaos for Germans going on vacation, and now Germans panic buying electric fires because in winter gas supply to hones will be cut off, if this is happening in Germany the EUs showcase country with its largest economy what must it be like in smaller EU countries?

EU countries are in big trouble. None more so than Germany.

The EU wants to reduce its gas consumption by at least 15%. Germany will probably have to save even more. How is that supposed to work?

Many people in Germany are starting to get unpleasant letters in the mail. Utility companies are passing on the increased costs of gas to their customers. Gas heats more than half of the homes in Germany, and many residents will struggle to pay for it.

Prices have more than doubled since the end of last year, to €0.13 ($0.13) per kilowatt hour. Some suppliers have increased prices even more. Energy giant, Vattenfall, is charging new customers in Berlin €0.25 per kilowatt hour.

Starting October 1, costs will go up again. Gas customers will have to pay a “solidarity levy” of €0.05 per kilowatt hour. The money aims to prop up gas importers affected by Russian cutbacks that then have to buy more expensive gas elsewhere.

In Germany, an average four-person household in a 100-square-meter apartment uses around 18,000 kilowatt hours per year. For that, they were paying €1,080 ($1,099) last year. At current prices, that consumption would now cost €3,240 — an average monthly income.

Economy Minister Robert Habeck, whose popularity has risen since Russia invaded Ukraine, has said that additional measures would cushion low-income households to keep them above the poverty line despite the added levy.

Run on electric heaters

Summer temperatures mean the heat is off. With winter just a few months away, however, tenants and homeowners are starting to realize that uncomfortable months likely lie ahead. They lack an alternative to gas heat.

It is almost impossible to schedule heating maintenance or have more efficient systems installed. Technicians are booked out, and there is a shortage of materials, such as heat pumps that run on electricity. Firewood, portable radiators, and electric heaters are selling out.

Technicians warn that the power supply is not designed for high additional demand from such devices and local networks could overload on cold days.

This is what Rejoiners dont want you to see. There is no other reason that this is not being reported by our media.

Over the years since 2016, Remainers were telling everyone that Brexit Britain would run out of medical supply

How bitter they must be to find it’s not Brexit Britain that is short of medical supplies but the EU Germany



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