French para-military police are deployed in their tens of thousands as riots and looting continue and President Macron fiddles with Sir Elton while France burns

Graham Charles Lear
5 min readJul 2, 2023

No wonder Marine Le Pen would win an election tomorrow

Whatever disagreements there are in the UK, in France they are at riotous levels. Currently, Foreign Office advice for British citizens is to avoid cities such as Paris, Marseilles, and Lyons.

The level of these riots, following an incident in the city of Nanterre last week where a police officer shot dead a young North African migrant at close range for a traffic infringement, (driving in a bus lane), look likely to exceed the French riots of 2005.

Make no mistake, France’s cities are burning

Across France last week serious riots broke out, with hundreds of shops looted and even libraries torched. Nothing was sacrosanct with even schools being burnt down. Tens of thousands of the semi-military Gendarmerie have been mobilised. Thousands of arrests have been made and more than two hundred police officers have been injured.

Apparently, President Macron is considering putting France in a state of emergency. All of this follows on from the ‘Jilets Jaunes’ protests of 2018 and the subsequent protests against Macron’s changes to the French pension system which he rammed through without a parliament vote.

Meanwhile Emmanuel Macron and his Granny wife cosy up to Sir Elton

Despite the rampant disorder across France involving the largest mobilisation of police forces in many years, President Macron and his wife chose to attend an Elton John concert on Thursday and were filmed dancing. This has not gone down well.

Below is a clip from GB news in my opinion the best news channel in the K

Macron even had to close down bus and tram services at 9 pm on Friday night and this seems likely to be repeated this weekend.

According to the United Nations, this is “a moment for the country to seriously address the deep issues of racism and racial discrimination in law enforcement”.

Here is what a member of an elite tactical squad of police on condition of anonymity said

“It’s a nightmare. It’s flaring up all over the place. We’re holding it back — only just — but it’s touch and go.”

Rioting, arson and mass looting are still taking place in many French cities, with the bulk of the perpetrators being of North African origin, according to my source. Tear gas is now in common use. In France’s many small towns and villages, life is going on as normal — albeit with fewer gendarmes as they have been deployed to the cities. As in the United Kingdom, most migrants live in the cities.

French polling and Macron’s plummeting ratings

Emmanuel Macron was re-elected just over a year ago, in April 2022. If that election were re-run today he would be trounced by Marine Le Pen. The margin is currently more than 10% in Le Pen’s favour.

He is deeply unpopular in the country at large. Now it seems that the cities are also turning against him. It is traditional for French presidents to use their Prime Ministers as ‘fall guys’ and so I expect Elisabeth Borne to depart in the next couple of weeks.

The current troubles have been caused by what appears to be the gratuitous shooting of a delivery boy aged 17. He was stopped for driving in a bus lane. One of the policemen can be seen pointing a gun at him before the young man unwisely chose to attempt to drive away, at which point the police officer fired.

France has a diverse population, with a big racism problem

France has broadly the same population as the United Kingdom. Just as in the UK,I do not believe the official figures, but they are comparable in each case.

When it comes to ethnic origin the information is more difficult to come by, as French law prohibits this from being asked in their census. What I do know is the massive rise in sickle cell anaemia — a disease that Western Europeans almost never get but which is prevalent amongst the Arab and North African populations.

The percentage of births in France who tested positive for this disease recently exceeded 40% for the first time.

I took a look at the database in INSEE — the equivalent of the UK’s ONS

Whilst French law prohibits the question of ethnic origin in the census, somehow France’s equivalent of the UK’s Office for National Statistics does actually have the data, which I was able to interrogate. Below are the top 10 regions for the migrant population. Most of them are in the Paris area.

Top 10 French regions for migrant population

  1. Seine-Saint-Denis 512,566 : 31.0%
  2. Paris 435,015 : 20.3%
  3. Val-de-Marne 311,186 : 22.1%
  4. Hauts-de-Seine 307,362 : 18.9%
  5. Val-d’Oise 253,856 : 20.3%
  6. Rhône 242,563 : 12.9%
  7. Bouches-du-Rhône 228,926 : 11.2%
  8. Essonne 224,344 : 17.2%
  9. Yvelines 215,855 : 14.9%
  10. Seine-et-Marne 203,527 : 14.2%

[Source: INSEE Paris, (Official French government statistics agency, 02 Jul 2023]

Whereas the UK gave up its colonies peacefully (for the most part), France did not. A good example of this is the Algerian War of Independence which lasted for eight years, from 1954 to 1962.

One thing is clear. If the luvvies in the UK want to experience ‘institutional racism’ they should try living in France.

Rural France still contains nuggets which British tourists would love. Metropolitan France is another story, however. I would certainly counsel readers to avoid large parts of these regions for the moment.

From the video, it seems clear that a policeman committed manslaughter, at the very least. He has been arrested and charged. What is not clear is how this justifies looting, arson, and criminal damage on an industrial scale by an element of the French population.

The French have now been seeing these dramatic scenes on TV every evening for the last five days and I have viewed some of the footage. I can assure readers that it isn’t pretty. The country as a whole is not in meltdown but the cities seem to be. Knowing the ruthlessness of the French police force, I have no doubt this will be under control soon but there is a massive undercurrent of unease.

Meanwhile, in the UK, our media is concerned with ‘Partygate’…Says it all really doesn't it?

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