Exploding The Remain Myth Of The Great Exodus Of EU Nationals ‘Due To Brexit’

Graham Charles Lear
2 min readAug 7, 2022

Official figures show that the net outflow of EU nationals was just 12,000, in the last 12 months for which figures are available. Compared with the almost six million EU citizens officially resident in the UK, this is a drop in the ocean

I present the official numbers from the UK Home Office which clearly show that the dire warning of a mass exodus of EU nationals following Brexit was yet another myth.

UK Home Office data — resident EU nationals compared with a net outflow

  • EU nationals resident in the UK : 5,909,800
  • Net outflow, 12 months to end-June 2021: 12,000
  • Net outflow as a percentage of total: 0.2%

Source: UK Home Office, July 2022

Hang on a moment — the story gets even more interesting

Priti Patel’s Home Office has something called “The EU Settlement Scheme”, with the somewhat unfortunate acronym of ‘EUSS’.

I have analysed the statistics on this EUSS to see if the tiny net drop in immigration of EU nationals matched the numbers of denied residents for whatever reason.

This is what I found

The answer is an emphatic “No”.

  • Refused : 306,300
  • Withdrawn or void: 133,000
  • Invalid : 124,600
  • TOTAL applications not accepted: 563,900

Source: UK Home Office, July 2022

What the above analysis shows is that if the 306,300 EU nationals whose applications were refused had all left the country, we should be seeing a much larger drop in net EU immigration than only 12,000 people.

A dirty word?

Immigration is a topic that can get you banned — or ‘shadow-banned’ — from social media platforms. Newspapers didn’t want to touch the subject, except in general terms. Even today we know that articles by their journalists about immigration are subject to special editorial controls.

When it comes to the ‘open borders’ advocates who seem to prevail in our TV broadcast organisations such as the BBC, Sky News, and ITN, the word ‘refugees’ is still used, even when it is wholly inappropriate.

Immigration — illegal or legal — is a topic of interest to millions of ordinary people across the country. This is why we have researched and published numerous reports about the subject over the years.

My article today is limited to the topic of EU nationals. Readers will have been told of a mass exodus from our shores and the reason given is of course ‘Brexit’. With my report showing a net outflow of only 12,000 EU nationals from an overall total of almost six million in the country, I have exploded another Remain myth.

Sources: UK Home Office



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